Sunday, April 5, 2009

Keys to the Castle, Carnivals and Company

We have been busier than a family of one-armed jugglers with work, fun, family and lotza-company to keep us laughing. The month of March is a total blur of exhaustion, meals, laughter and wild West weather.

If you think moving sucks, try it as a senior! Not fun at all. Mom and Dad arrived more tired than I have ever seen them, but they were in great spirits. The trip from Texas was long but uneventful. The long-distance closing of the house was stressful and included hiccups on the buyers side, so we all finally breathed with ease once it was a done deal.

The Warren's moved into their new digs at 109 Snowcap and they were stunned at the renovations. You can observe by the pictures that Tims' ole place is really dressing up. At our insistence, Mom and Dad crashed at our house for a full week, cleaning and unpacking by day, playing with Gavin and eating with us by night. We never stayed up past 9 p.m. the entire week; we were just pooped.

The fun times really rolled as we diagnosed other minor fixes to be made at the house and they spent their first couple of nights on their own. Gavin was bewildered as too why they would no longer be staying with us and a bit out of sorts, as we all have been, with so much change taking place. Well, just as the last box was unpacked Mom and Dad got a huge surprise at their door: knock, knock, Ken (my bro) and Lisa (my sis in law) popped in from New Hampshire. Mom and Dad were totally stunned and clue-less. It was a classic surprise, minus the peeing in the pants thing... K and L, had planned the trip with E and I and worked it into a business trip for Ken. Ken and Eric worked with Papa on some challenging finish work, while Lisa and I went furniture shopping as a surprise house warming from she and Ken. My truck was full of stuff when we returned and the folks were so grateful: bar stools, antique tea table for the foyer, maple table for the telephone, mirror for the foyer etc. For fun we squeezed in some authentic New Mexican food on the reservation, a trip to the Casino and then honky-tonking at the local bar. Wow, talk about trailer trash. We fit in nicely with people we never seem to see during the day around here, only at night, once a year, when we go to that bar. Ken was picked up upon by a not so small, or shy gal, whom he politely said "no thank you" too, just to see her subsequently take a swing at the bartender, who then threw her out! Only the best local white trash Ruidoso could offer!

Following a rather late night and really early morning, Ken and Lisa are headed to El Paso and then back home to NH. They were a hoot and I hope we showed them a good time.

A few other notes/events;

Take a look at the slide show as it contains many pictures, including Gavin at his first carnival riding solo. So funny. All he said on the roller coaster was "I am ready to get off." Of course, he couldn't so he hung in there and called it quits, moving onto games and prizes.

Other shots of spring in Ruidoso. We have had some wacky weather, but the caterpillars love Gavin.

No more diapers for Ducky. Gavin has been out of diapers (except when he uses a pull up to sleep) for weeks now. Very few accidents, but trajectory is a challenge for him, as it remains to be for his Father!

Special Friends Note: We were thrilled to see the Ruffs' during their Spring/Winter Break (it snowed) as they stayed in their RV in town and had two dinners with us. Their three dogs and our two went wild until Gordie got scared and hid in our closet all night from one 15lb he feared. What a pansy. They all looked awesome and my parents had a great time visiting with them. Derek looks awesome and we can't wait to celebrate the end of his treatments with him in May.


  1. What a whirlwind year and you guys are just getting started. Glad you all have survived and enjoyed your company.

    Tim's place looks wonderful - you all did a great job. Hope that's it for awhile!

    We didn't think Gavin looked to happy on the roller coaster. Reminded me of Ryan's first time - oh my!

    Miss you all!

  2. PS: Pictures are great. Funny to see everyone all bundled up - hah! Hope summer comes soon.