Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Dirty Butt Knows...

no boundaries or class. Alas, not if you are around my family, who has little modesty, and a compulsion for being clean. So no surprise...Gavin loves to tidy-up before his nap time.

A Warren spit-bath, normally given in the sink, in between REAL bath nights, is just a must with a little boy. So, being compulsive, I always sponge him off to get rid of the gunk, crack grime, kid germs and lurking toe and belly button jam. Well, of late, Mema and Papa got a real opportunity to see Gavin Get After the Grime, right in their own backyard. (As did any onlookers or unfortunate neighbors.)

After a full morning of activities with the old folks, it was time for a snooze. So here comes Mema with a large mixing bowl full of soap, water and a washcloth, meeting us on the back porch where Papa and Gavin had been all morning. (Playing in the salvage yard and on the aforementioned, very unsafe, teeter-totter.) Well, once Gavin was stripped of his grimy clothes, Mema set in with the washcloth, little did she know, Gavin had other plans. He took over, washed his private parts, (repeatedly), his butt and then plopped right down into the bowl itself. Yep, he could fit his entire body inside the bowl. Well, being a Mom, I cautiously looked around too see if the neighbors above us happen to be on their deck, while simultaneously thinking to myself "white trash, country-bumpkins" have moved into the hood. Thankfully, Papa nor I saw anyone, but we were all laughing so hard, an observer could have easily been overlooked. We had fun getting that kid out of the bowl, into some clean clothes and into the car. He was simply having a ball. Talk about a cheap date, eh?

Blog Note: Check back next week for "the masochistic gardener" update to include our latest backyard construction projects!


  1. Nothing like a clean butt - good job Gavin!

  2. Ness, I say don't worry about the neighbors and just keep buying bigger bowls!