Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling...RAWHIDE!

Okay, so we aren't herding cattle, cooking fart-busting beans over an open fire, or crapping in the bush, but the community welcome feeling is all the same as we prepare to host friends and family over the next couple of weeks.

We plan to show them all some small-town, mountain fun and feeding them some home-cooking with Beano available and flatulence probable.

Ruidoso is not exactly a metropolis, so the Western Rawhide theme seems appropriate as it is coupled with the image of the courageous (read masochistic) Dad who's ass and private parts are probably killing him as he rides with his kids!

The much anticipated arrival of the Warrens' tops our list as Mema and Papa are moving into GrandPa's old house during the weekend of March 20Th. Eric, who has kindly volunteered to drive their moving truck from Texas, will be at the helm, while also towing their Camry , while Papa will ride his flank driving his own black 1.5 ton truck. Tucked in both trucks will be Mema's homemade fixin's including fried chicken, snacks, desserts and drinks to tide them over. Doubt anyone will starve, but I can guarantee you, they will be glad they are riding in two separate vehicles for the fresh air! Mema got while the gettin' was good and will be flying to New Mexico instead. Two days on the road with two men and some arthritis that is flaring up sounded like a bad plan. She is no dummy.

Our second welcome wagon rolls when the Ruff family loads into their RV for a week-long stint in a local campground with (get this) three dogs, two kids and anyone else who is crazy enough to hop inside! Now that's a load! While the Ruffs' enjoy a break from Las Cruces life, endeavor to teach their city dogs that a deer's hoof is lethal, and entertain two teens, (imagine Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation), we plan to spend time with them throughout the week doing God knows what, but having some fun. (No Derek you can't dump your tank into our septic system!)

Our third welcome wagon will roll with secret out of state pioneers, which we cannot name, as it is a surprise, April 3, 4, and 5Th. They have not stayed with us before so we are happy they are coming as they will think twice next time! (teasing.)

Knowing the Wagon will be rolling, rolling, rolling, I hit Trader Joe's' of Albuquerque to get wine and beer. (I told you, we aren't roughing it.) We never have enough at our place, but it will give us a start! Of course while at Trader Joes...Gavin asks very seriously, "mommy, where is Joe?" Rolling, rolling RAWHIDE!

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  1. Sounds like good times ahead. Enjoy the family and friends heading your way. Wish we were there! Love Carla and Doug