Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Just a Sliver

Big Kid Easter Egg Hunt
I have concluded, life is made up of slivers. Carefully, carved fractions of a moment, when adhered together, make a permanent memory in my mind. I choose to basked in the slivers while all the other stuff of life happens. Maybe, this is my idea of happiness. Our 2015 Spring Break vacation to Texas was filled with such gems.

My Dad on the Magi Quest at Great Wolf Lodge
Little Kid Area at Lodge
My parents spent weeks planning for Gavin and his friend Charlee's arrival including the erection of a tent inside their home, homemade strawberry shortcake, hand- painted Easter Crate (yes, think a milk crate, painted with their names on it) and the icing on the cake, a serious backyard egg hunt put on by my Dad. Prize eggs were absconded and a variety of chocolate shaped animals were consumed. The milk crates/Easter baskets were filled with games to keep the boys busy while out in the country. Once they found where they were hidden (in a bath tub) we heard loud shrieks of joy. Definitely, a sliver or two. Following the holiday it was time to move
onto phase II of our trip, a three day stay at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas. Let me tell you, it delivered.

Incredible venue for kids and adults alike. My Dad came with me and kept me company while the boys ran, swam and Magi-quested themselves around the clock. We found all we needed and did not even leave the building for THREE FULL DAYS. Great marketing and resources meant we did not have to drive anywhere. Several restaurants, bars and plenty of Staff created this really safe environment for older kiddos'. I hit several slides with the boys and screamed nearly all the way the first few rounds. The area we frequented had some INCREDIBLE water slides to traverse and the low occupancy time we chose was perfect because it meant short lines. What can I say? The food, the rooms (really roomy, clean and quiet), the staff and our boys made this a trip to remember. So many slivers...

Special thanks to my parents who always roll out the red carpet by taking the time, setting aside all else and creating an incredible visit for us! Love you both!
My Parents