Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Swinging Doors

Cave Stop in the Pecos
Leah and I in the Pecos Wilderness before 2 inches of RAIN and ample amounts of whiskey by the fire.
Yes, our doors have been "swinging" all summer long and we are lucky to have so much going on! A busy life, is a good life, provided you can enjoy it. Gavin has been in and out like a house-fly. He has flitted to three camps in 10 weeks and traveled internationally. I have also done some flitting, while juggling house projects, fostering of a dog, adoption of a new kitten, and of course, trail running and hiking like a fool! (Employment occurred in there somewhere as well!)

The weather in New Mexico has brought about unprecedented beauty, after 15 years of drought, and the geography around us has transformed into a place we barely recognize.
For weeks, I have climbed, ran and camped in what has felt like a juggle. Lush, damp, earthen sleeping and a few warm campfires. My kind of summer and so reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest days I spent in college.
Eric enjoying taking pictures of our regular storms
Gavin's Half Birthday Bash

Gavin as Secret Springs with Joe and Leah

While I found the wilderness, Eric and Gavin found Alberta and the thrills of Vasa Camp.

 Ironic, they seek a social bounty of family and the pace of an incredible private camp, while I head to the wilderness! Gavin spoke of little else after returning home and I am certain these special Swedish-Canadian memories will last his lifetime.
So grateful to family and Eric who make the trip happen and manage the Camp itself. (Try making 4000 Swedish meatballs!) Completely volunteer organized and managed, this 30-year tradition still occurs thanks to the Johnson Family. Needless to say, all of us had a blast, in our venue of choice. I got my quiet on and recharged my batteries and the Boys got their much needed time with Cousins. Prior to Gavin's annual trip to Canada, he was fortunate to be invited by Joe and Leah to spend a week at their home while he attended Camp Invention.

What can I say? They planned their whole week around him and selected special venues they new he would love. Apparently, Albuquerque has a singing road, secret springs and the best baseball team "imaginable." We did not hear from him the entire week and likely he would have stayed at their home in ABQ if allowed. Special thanks to the Cairns for pouring their time into him! As an aside, he learned an enormous amount about engineering at this Camp and yes, I would highly recommend it, if your kiddo is into engineering.

New  front door entrance
New exterior paint color and trim
In the midst of these swinging door adventures, we threw Gavin his half-birthday party at the local pool. The pool was rented for us exclusively and the kids had a blast. He will be ten in December. My how time does fly!

We are nearly done with major changes to our house, in
preparation for its listing. Here are two pictures of the exterior. The interior will be painted next week. Then, we are moving into a box, buying a steer and a few chickens and decreasing our overall footprint in this world. Too much crap, to much to maintain, to little time to smell the daisies. Company will have to sleep in the barn!
Cotton, new arrival.

Nellie, our brief foster
My Trail Partner, Bandit

Our regular evening guests and no we did not adopt or train this one!

Speaking of barns, we brought home a new kitten, Cotton, from the shelter, weighing in at a hefty 2lbs. Pictured here, he is a growing 4lbs and very affectionate. He and Nevin had a quick transition to brotherhood and are very happy to have one another in our absence. Bandit, has grown into a very well-behaved Boy. He received his Canine Good Citizenship Award in the Spring and is truly a joy to take everywhere! He loves to ride in my Bronco, hike, run and otherwise be in the wilderness. In other news, and during all the swinging door time, we fostered, trained and re-homed, Nellie, pictured above. A hound who had never been on a leash or in a crate, we had our work cut out for us.  Gavin poured time into her, along with our Trainer and due to her intelligence and eagerness to please, she was lovingly adopted only three weeks after she arrived. Bandit has been very lonely since Nellie's departure and we have plans in the works to get a second collie from our breeder in Tennessee! The number of animals in our home will officially exceed the number of humans!

Happy Trails,