Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snow Pirate's & Psycho Parents

Happy 4Th Birthday to Gavin~Our Snow Pirate.
Alas, I stand convinced: Eric and I are the psycho parents; always planning these great parties even if it nearly kills us!
This year 'bout did us in...following the hosting of Turkey Day dinner, a quick trip to Albuquerque and a totally insane year~ our energy meters were pretty low. So, we decided to keep the party smaller and more manageable than last year...

Well, all that "manageable" crap went out the window when we got nearly a foot of snow and temps in the teens for a week. Schools were closed and/or delayed and all of my childfree time was absorbed. YIKES, parents with December babies have it rough. You can't just toss them into a park with a pizza and we have no Chuckie Sneeze, YMCA or skating rink~so what the hell else do you do? Have a your house or at their school. (Definately under consideration for next year.)

To top it off, all the invitations sent out said "Dress for a Treasure Hunt~Rain or Shine." And the kids did. Gavin talked of little else during the entire week, but the Hunt, and the X he'd like us to use to mark the treasure spot. We had to deliver. Parents are not to smart sometimes. And at a time like this, I was grateful we only have one kiddo! Who is currently in awe with pirates, dragons, scooters, books and puzzles.

We made a huge pirate ship cake~from total scratch~with 12 cups of butter cream frosting. Eric was my hero, staying up until midnight doing all (not just some) of the frosting and then getting up early in the a.m. to plow our driveway! What a great guy eh?

Mema cranked out a pirate flag and I went wacko with ships, a handmade net with fish, jewels, four rolls of streamers and balloons.

Thank goodness, Mema and Papa kept Gavin overnight~so we had time to get it all done. Gavin's eyes were as wide as saucers when he walked into our house; "my party is waiting for me." Ah, it was all worth it just for that moment. I think....Let the party begin!

After romping in the playroom, scavenging pirate trinkets on our activity table and wolfing down a lunch of homemade mac n cheese with Subway sandwiches~Eric announced the hunt. He got all the kids in a circle, even sitting down, to tell the tale of how treasure was buried on our land "long, long ago." They were mesmerized.

All the kiddos, even the tiny tots headed out in coats and boots with sand shovels in hand...ready to find the X Eric had said would be there...somewhere in the SNOW. Little did they realize, the booty was truly buried under a couple feet of the white stuff~thanks to Dad who drew them a map, discussed it and staged the whole bit.
Inside the pile of snow was a true treasure chest filled with candy chocolate coins, candy necklaces, ring pops and fake jewels. The kids were so excited they nearly maimed each other getting into the box! We finally dumped it out onto the golf green because we thought someone was gonna lose an eye!
After the hunt the kids were pretty spent. We inhaled some cake, opened gifts and loaded them up with some big ole goody bags. We really had an incredibly fun day~followed by a very restful evening by the fire. Today, I hit the mountains with friends for me time while the boys rested up from all the festivities.
Can't believe how time has flown by...Our Little Man, has really grown up to be a very descent kid and I am fortunate to have both the Men in my life!