Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Run Forrest Run"

The blog title sums up our August in a nutshell.
We have been having fun and working like dogs all at once. (Eric's was surrounded by longhorns at a recent ranch survey! They thought he had food.)
We kicked off Gavin's school year, have had two vacations and hosted family on two weekends since our last post. I think old Tom Hanks had it right "Life is like a box of chocolates." One trip to Texas another to Cali. Next post will be all about Cali and the fun we had with the Jolly's, the Stephens' and other friends.

Pictures from our Warren family reunion tell quite a story! We had a wonderful time despite the heat. One day it was 112 degrees and the humidity was 28%. Thank gosh for Bec and Daves' pool as we were running out of sweat by 10 a.m. each day!
Between the pool and the beer we had alot of laughs. Whirlyball (pictured) was so much fun I nearly peed in my shorts! Getting the trailer in and out of Bec's driveway was quite a nightmare but accomplishable with the help of a small, sweaty army of Aunties and Uncles. Here are a few reunion tidbits;
1) Becky received her birthday gift bag, stuffed with one pair of underwear from each family member, rather than the traditional tissue paper; Carla's creativity at work. When we asked how she knew which were clean and dirty~their was deafening silence!

2) Gavin, Becky and Ryan found a Toy Chest mechanical arm machine in a local restaurant, and in an attempt to keep Gavin out of my hair, gleaned 3 of those impossible to reach stuffed animals per Gavin's request. He snatched them from Bec's hands and screamed gleefully through the entire restaurant "mom look at all the animal babies."
I think the seniors nearly killed over from fright. Thank the Lord we do not live there!
3) Watching Gavin stalk Becky in the late afteroon knowing he would get to lick the beaters from dessert-in-progress.
4) Getting flung and then nearly peeing my own pants during our Whirlyball game~I laughed so hard!
5) JFK Museum and The Bodies Exhibit~highly recommend both as we all conquered a number of museums while in Dallas one day.
In other news; Gavin is loving school (uniform pic above). His first report card indicated he has trouble keeping his hands to himself but has both fantastic concentration and handwriting skills.

The whole family completed a 5k run to raise money for low cost mammograms and we were pictured in the paper~Ruidoso Free Press.

I am consulting for Candice's new start-up MakInnovations and enjoying it immensely. I have been waiting to assist and look forward to the challenges that lie ahead as we build and prepare for the MakH20 product launch.
In addition, I have been ask to reside on the school's fundraising board where I think I will be kept busy! My hope is to help with fundraising and communications associated pending Board approval.
Eric is busier than ever with the biz, Rotary Directorship position, Santa's Helpers and the continuous estate Executor role. He is pretty exhausted most of the time but seems to enjoy all of it and still have plenty of energy for the 4 year old who screams when he gets home each night!