Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mommy Wolf

Wow. What a week it has been around our place. Imagine a roller-coaster ride, one minute you are laughing and the next you are screaming, about to barf and ready to jump off. If you can imagine this sort of event, you can imagine my week as ~ Wolf-Pack Mommy. I have entitled this the Mommy Wolf post because it seems as though all I have done is bare my fangs for seven consecutive days. Clearly, not one of my better weeks. And, no, I can't blame my hormones. Darn.

I think I have said "I told you not to do that..." at the top of my lungs enough to worry our neighbors who are 5 acres away. Our normally easy-going boy is enduring another teething cycle and it has been really rough on us all. We can't believe how much this kid has endured regarding his teeth and we wonder daily "is this kid a wolf or a human?" He is only suppose to get twenty teeth in total but his second year molars are stubborn and HUGE. Maybe sometime in 2009 they will actually appear. I shall take him into the dentist in February to get the "professional", often not very specific update. Until then, I am on full alert as all we are hearing is "I want Mommy to do it..." whatever the "it" is at the time. God Bless him, he made it through all the holidays and a trip to the Caribbean feeling like a million bucks. Another blessing, he has still been sleeping well at his usual 13.5 hours per day. I know I am very fortunate in this regard so my ability to bitch is short-lived at best. After all, the nap isn't for the kid, it's for the MOM. Alas, this like other challenges at each age, shall pass, and is brushed with very funny moments we will likely not forget.

Last night, we escaped the den and had a date night while our lovely Canadian neighbor babysat. They both had great fun and agreed to come back next month for the same. She is one block away and free. Plus Gavin just loves his Ms. June and she can run circles around him: (She is 72 and a Senior Olympic Gold Swimmer.) He tires way before she does...

Our mud-room endeavor is complete. We spent most of the afternoon on Saturday, trimming out the doors, cleaning up sheet rock powder, putting in door knobs and moving stuff back into the area. Eric plans to tile it and complete the finish work this month. It seems as though we always have some project too keep us busy.

Today, once Eric and Gavin wake up from naps, we are off to a friends for the Super_Snack Bowl~ as Eric loves the game, but I love the homemade snackage. I am cheering for the Steelers, (entirely ignorant of either team) in support of my Bro-In-Law, Doug, and my Sister who are sailing between islands in Mexico with limited access. Go STEELERS!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

If Gordie Could Have Voted...

If our Hound, Gordie, could have voted in the General Election, he would have gone Democratic. Like Al Gore, Gordie knows we are in the throws of Global Warming. (Yes, we have seen Al's movie and like Al, I don't buy the party line that what we are experiencing "is just a natural cycle" of the earths evolution. The polar bears aren't buying it and neither am I. Gordie isn't buying that pitch because he is shedding his winter coat, two months ahead of schedule, all over our house. Just like the melting of Arctic Ice, you can complain about it, but the process still unfolds. My vacuumn and dog wash are working DOUBLE time as we continue to experience very dry, very warm days, with no snow in sight. The lack of moisture has forced me to hand water, yes hand water, dozens of trees, shrubs and other foliage all around our newly, and expensively landscaped property. What's a girl to do? The evergreens and decidious pretties just will not establish if I don't baby them this year, but they are so confused they are January! We are bound to have several hard frosts ahead of us, so if these guys go down, I am not taking the hit. I have spent enough time in prison for killing houseplants with our water-softner-salt-infused beverage already. Thanks to Mema, that problem is since resolved. (Use water from outside Ness.) Funny, my houseplants are now thriving. Thanks Mom.

So, as we watch nature turn on a dime, during the wrong season, we realize that one helluva fire season lays before us, unless we get some good old wet stuff before May. Alas, we have a huge riding lawn mower, just itching to get beat up, all over this place. And, since there is much more horror occuring in the world, my backyard seems well, just not that big of a deal. I'll do what I can and throw the rest to God to fix. He has better odds onto a really trivial, but hilarious byline from Gavin.

Byline: Tonight, after we watched a portion of The Wizard of Oz, for the gazillionith time, Gavin and Dad are off to read a book for bedtime. Apparently, during storytime, Gavin stood up on Eric's legs to give him a squeeze and ask for a goodnight song, when Dad said sure and proceeded to sing Johnny Cash Folsom Prison song lyrics, Gavin accidently pounced down upon Eric's groin, i.e. Tallywacker. As Eric shrieked and told Gavin to be careful, Gavin apologized and said "Dad, you want some Butt Paste to fix your boo boo?" Out of the mouths of babes...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Construction: Physical and Mental!

If you can hear it, I must confess, the racket is coming from our house! Once again, we are under construction as we continue to finish our house within our five-year goal. Most of you know, we moved in when it wasn't complete for a number of reasons. Since then, we have been listening to banging of every imaginable sort as we begin to narrow down our Punch List of tasks; time and money permitting.

Currently, we are enclosing the mud-room that connects the garage to the main elevation of the house and provides the transition up to the big unfinished game room ~1200 sq. feet. The space is small, but tricky. We need it to look like it was part of the as-built instead of an after-thought. We also need storage for boots, scarves, hats, coats and umbrella's. Once it is sealed off with its own door and insulated walls, we will be ready to take the big plunge and put electricity and a separate furnace in the game room itself. Gavin has been a real trooper and sleeping through the racket thus far. Thankfully, his room is at the other end of the house! The noise is making me crazy, but such is life. We chose January to begin this particular endeavor as we are not expecting any company following a big rush through Fall and Christmas. Alas, we are just glad we can have the work done by an awesome builder, given Eric's work schedule this year. Thus, I conclude the physcial construction onto the reference made to mental construction.
Gavin just completed his mid-year review at Montessori. Actually, a very interesting process compared to a traditional school. He is evaluated in more the ten areas ranging from interaction with adults and kids, care of his enivronment, care of himself, large and fine motor skills, grace and courtesy, sensorial materials, reading, writing and math to name a few. Proud as pigs in mud to say, he was advanced in all or most areas for his age. No disciplinary issues thus far...let's hope it stays that way!
Last, but most momentous, we celebrated President Obama's inauguration with a special candlelight dinner and "cocktails" with the boy (cranberry juice, club soda, lime in a martini glass). He totally got the whole special occasion, just not the new President, first African-American concept. Maybe when he is seven and Obama is re-elected, he can really grasp the enormity of the day! Thus, my mental "construction" update.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"I Could Have Been A Contender"

Well, maybe in the super-feather-weight group!

Gavin had his Well-Child Visit with our Pediatrician yesterday and he is really sprouting up. He is 39'' tall and 30lbs. So for those of you who need percentiles, he is 89th for height and 50th for weight. He continues to be built like Mom and Dad, lean and mean. He was very well behaved during the appointment and did everything "Dr. Scott" asked of him without hesitation. (We had shots last month and he was a gem then too.) Dr. Scott reviewed the milestones Gavin should have achieved and he is at or substantially ahead of them all. I asked him to count to 10 for the Doctor and he did. Then I asked him what number came after ten and he said, "fourteen"! Well, he was right, but not the answer I was after. Most kids don't count very well until around five, according to the Doc. Finally, we covered all the safety stuff: swim lessons next summer, crib is fine until he crawls out, car seat weight and height etc. As has been our tradition following his appointments, we hit the local Zoo for a picnic and then Target.

Most of you know, I am not a fan of Zoo's, but this one is community member-owned and specializes in saving those critters who have been injured or are otherwise unfit to make it on their own. Since I am a Darwin girl, I am still not a huge fan, but Gav loves it! We fed the goats and followed the Zoo Keeper on his rounds. We got to hear the Mountain Lions roar, the wolves howl and the bald eagles call. Needless to say, we were exhausted when we got home just in time to make crab cakes for supper! YUM.....
For you X gen folks, the quote in our title is from the classic movie On the Waterfront.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sun & Snow, Sled & GO!

Alas, we finally managed to get a small bit of the soft,
fluffy white stuff that up until recently has totally
bi-passed Southern New Mexico. Our drought continues as our mountain snowfall total remains pitifully low. However, when you have a toddler, any amount of snow means snow ice-cream, sledding over barely covered gravel and grass and of course, the construction of a snowman.

We hit the driveway early to beat the Noon melt we expected. Gavin can really get to cooking given the grade and well-built sled Dad got him last year for Christmas. He wanted us to pull him up the hill, to go again, but we had to break it to him, the game is sled-down, hike up. No piggy backs, you need to burn off some energy! So we spent most of the morning watching him laugh and crash. While I made lunch, Dad and he built a petite snowman with a carrot nose, coal (from the fireplace) for eyes, a really ugly ski hat and finally a pink pipe cleaner for a mouth. He looked like a Tammy Fay Baker snow-man-woman-it. They had a blast!

We topped off the busy day with the boys headed over to a friends house for a play date and pizza, and all the Mommy's headed out for Moms Night Out. We had a great time at a local Italian place. Of course, the kiddos were up very late, so today we have just been lounging like lizards. Eric made Gavin breakfast, while I slept off that last glass of Merlot. !

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Blood, Sweat and Truck?

Since Eric began flying solo at our business in February of 2008 he has toiled, labored and strived to serve his Dad's lifelong customers, new customers and maintain all twelve employees on the payroll. No small task, given that it formerly took his billable hours, plus his Dad's to accomplish. Eric's hard work and blessings from God are the only explanation for an overall profitable year. Many surveying firms in our State layed off employees months ago, when the economy took a spiral downward. I am proud to say, not only have we avoided layoffs (so far) but Eric was able to even issue bonuses to the entire staff in December! From afar, reading this post, the accomplishment may seem, well, anticipated. Trust me, when you are in the trenches actually making it happen, it is anything but easy or even expected. Especially, since he simultaneously acquired the responsibility of "Executor" for his Dad's estate. (Yes, he successfully and admirably performed both jobs at THE SAME time.)

Based upon the close-out for the year and a recommendation from the accountant, Eric set off to reward himself and reduce corporate taxes owed, by buying a TOTALLY LOADED Ford F150 Lariat truck. The Ford has more hard disk space than any PC we own and is happy to serve your every desire via voice-commands. Yep, you can tell it what you want to listen to, plug in your IPOD, cool or warm your keester, (rear seats too) and boy does it offer a smooth ride. You would swear you were in a car even on our country roads. He is still learning all the bells and whistles but boy is it nice to see him rewarded for all the blood, sweat and tears with a brand new man-rig. Way to Go Babe!