Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Catching My Limit

People close to me know my parents were both raised in West Texas. Therefore, on occasion, and despite being raised in Oregon myself, I find I frequently use a phrase unique to being raised in their home. Slang, but nonetheless, part and parcel of my one an only personality. Catching my limit, in my families vernacular, means reaching the height of your capability, and finishing like a champ anyway.

In the early fall of this year, I reached this pinnacle, humbled, tired but nonetheless determined to make it all happen as promised. And, we did. If you have not attempted to "catch your own limit", I highly recommend you embrace the opportunity on occasion. You will be amazed at how much you can do well, when you simply decide to do it. 

Fort Stanton Camporee was the beginning of this phase for me and we had a wonderful time. I taught a Fitness and Nutrition Round Robin (five times) and really enjoyed spending time with Scouts from around the area. Eric managed all the games for the Scouts, including tire flipping, pumpkin rolling and human pyramids. The weather by day was warm, but by evening we froze our keesters off! Gavin sang songs, did a campfire skit and talked for weeks about the time we had at the nearby historical monument. The weekend had a lasting effect on him.

Onto event two of this phase: the Cub Scout AspenFest Parade Float. I had no idea what Chairing this task would involve and it truly ate my shorts! I loved every minute of it and the float received Third Place out of more than 40 floats entered. The best thing? The icing on the cake? The Cubs and their families were very involved in all the implementation. Truly, it was the Cubs float. And, yes, I have a learning disorder, and will Chair this again next year provided Eric agrees to be my Construction Manager again!

Tommy Four Guns & Zetta
Next on deck: Gavin's annual Gospel Sing-the BIG fundraiser for his itty, bitty school of less than 100 kidlets. My teammate and I were tasked with soliciting local businesses for upscale dessert donations. The schools goal was to raise $10K. We raised nearly $15,000! So many engaged, loving families, we are blessed to have the little school, in the basement of the big old Baptist Church on the hill. 
We did not have the bandwidth for our annual blowout Halloween Party (I cannot imagine why) so we decided on a very upscale murder mystery party with a few dames and gangsters. Our friends brought many provisions and gourmet food, we setup the bar and used all the crystal, china and silver we own. Seriously, we all agreed, it was a blast. The prohibition/speakeasy theme nearly prevented the solving of the murder (to many 1920's cocktail experiments), but I was the murderer and our friend Cody was the victim! Definitely, doing another one next year.

Halloween was celebrated for nearly two weeks, with parties, trick or treating and festivities. Gavin as an Evil Warlock, Eric appearing as a Proctologist, Dr. Ben Dover, and me the Bandita or fem-fa-tale Zorro. Gavin stayed with friends on this evening and we tore up the town dancing for hours with many new faces at a friends home in town. Thank gosh for the Dollar CAB!

I send gratitude to all for encouraging me during these busy weeks, making me laugh and giving me plenty of energy to, as my 87 year-old client says,  "Go Make IT Happen."