Sunday, February 14, 2010

Air Traffic Control

Things at our place are even more wild than ever as we try to keep all the planes in the air, peanuts and drinks moving, vomit bags replenished and lavatories cleaned between visitors, family, parties and contractors. (I have only threatened bodily harm on the plumber thus far, keeping my keen sense of humor in tact.) Often Eric and I look at each other and say "what were we thinking?"

Clearly we are a bit masochistic;I guess the business, the estate, Tim's' house, our house, the economy and our preschooler just weren't stimulating enough! February has been more nuts than January, but thanks to my marvelous hubby, who kindly sent me to Sedona for my 40Th birthday, I am back to 90% throttle. And Thank God, Avis' hubby Andy, gave her an airline ticket and four days of freedom as a Christmas gift, so she could join me.

Sedona was quiet, the weather was ideal and the company irreplaceable. Avis travels all year long so she is an excellent navigator, planner and guest. Without her, my Garmin GPS would have never made it back to the rental car facility ALIVE. I hate that thing and the Sedona roundabouts where I nearly killed us~more than once!

We talked, slept late, ate late, got a massage/facial, drank wine and hiked. What more could a girl ask for...?
Oh did I mention, no KIDS, no cooking and no cleaning, for four days. We stayed at a friends house in Oak Creek~very nice and FREE! A bonus to our trip was making a new Bud, Christina, who resides in Sedona and is the Niece of my sisters' friends Steve and Ana. Nope, never have met Steve or Ana, but they have become unofficial pen-pals.
Christina had not planned on taking us closed-bar-hopping, but after attempting to have a drink at FOUR places, we finally found margarita's and a fire to chat beside. She also humored us by bringing over a chick flick and huddling with us on the couch as we leaned in to watch it on Avis' laptop! The fact that we had no DVD player, one couch and no television didn't stop this crowd! Hope to see her again, meet her boys, daughter and hubby.

On other fronts, we are finally finishing off the 1100 sq. foot game room. Contractors are really starving for work here so we have been able to obtain them at truly reasonable rates. Between Eric and I they are keeping us hopping "we need this, move that, what's this etc." The dedicated furnace is in and working, the plumbing, the electrical, the sheet-rock and texture are all done. All that is left is the bar sink, bath sink, toilet, paint and carpet. We hope to have it done by late March but it already looks really amazing. Just think, we can finally include that huge room as heated square footage. Great investment in the house, in spite of the recession.

For the next two months our NO VACANCY sign is up. Both guest rooms are filled with all the crap from the game room. We can't find a #$%^&*& thing. Gary came to stay a few days in January and February and we couldn't keep track of his shit either. So, if you'd like to visit and need a bed, get a hotel.

The biz is super slow for the 14Th month in a row. We are so glad Eric has a business degree or we would not have made it this long; he implemented short-term measures that are working for the time being. Most of our friends business' in town have slowed to a total crawl. Pretty scary since it is ski season and we have record snow. People just aren't traveling or spending as they did years' past. People at church, friends and neighbors are barely making ends meet and the business landscape of our entire community is changing. Nowadays, change is the only constant, so as the year rolls along we will adapt as required and be grateful we are healthy, have plenty of grub and a roof over our heads. Everything else, we are finding, is just icing on the cake.

Gavin went skiing for the first time and according to Dad, really kicked butt. He has really been enjoying the snow, sledding and all the fun it brings. We got him real gear this year and he hasn't complained at all of being cold. My sinus' and Gavin's are still really problematic. Allergies, sinus infection, getting well, allergies, sinus infection, getting well. Marvelous cycle we seem to have every fall, winter and spring. So we are nose-hosing, taking honey, gobbling antibiotics/probiotics in an attempt to avoid more crap. Locals call it the Ruidoso crud; a gift from White Sands and all the evergreens that surround us. I call it a pain.

Maybe we look hungry or maybe we are just fun, either way, we have been invited to all things hither of late; dinner at friends houses', sledding, lunches, play-dates etc. We have also found a great Gavin-sitter (his preschool teacher) who has provided us with more time for date nights. We have found that without grandparents in town, she is a Godsend. Gavin adores her and her nephew who always joins her while here. Gavin is writing quite well, beginning to count much higher, loves puzzles for older children and thrives with the home-school work we begun last year. I find he always wants to learn about more subjects than school is teaching him and despite my lack of desire to teach, I am doing just that, a few sessions a week at the casa. Patience is not my bag but he is a very focused student so I can't gripe to much. One thing about him, he has an amazing retention level for his age. Once he is taught a subject, it sticks. He sure didn't get that from me!

Thinking of you, particularly those who are in need of better health and improved finances!