Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One Door Closes & Another Opens

for Mema and Papa and for those of us who have watched them spend the last few months in the North 40 with us.
Mema and Papa (pictured here dressed as hillbillies for Halloween 2009), have purchased a 3-bedroom, 2 bath brick home in Granbury Texas, outside of Fort Worth. The house is older and sits on a large lot, and Mema and Papa elected to purchase the adjoining lot so they could have some privacy and space. After reading about the town of 50K or so, it seems as though there is a great deal to offer: lakes, a new cancer hospital, a nearby airport, swimming pools and other family-oriented activities. A closing date has not been chosen, but Mom and Dad are anxious to get it done, so I suspect they will complete it all next week. We are trying to talk them into staying through the Christmas season for the actual move, but they are not yet decided. No rush on this end, no rush on that end, since their new house is empty and Tim's will go on the market in the spring. Gavin is very excited about "his" own room and has plans to stay there a full week as soon as he can. I have mixed emotions as having them close has been so handy for us! I am dreading going into the house and having it empty once again. Alas, all good things do end.
Thanks to Mom and Dad for making Gavin's summer and fall so special with all the pretend games and weekends dedicated to all the things a boy loves most; campouts in the living room, bathing nude in the backyard, trips to the park and library and hours of playtime devoted exclusively to him. I truly don't think he will ever forget all the days of sheer fun created by the two of you just for him. It's been like his own little daycare.
For Eric and I, well, words can't say enough. We could simply not have made it through the last six months without your help. Because you cared for Gavin for days at a time, we were able to help Eric's family with many hurdles. I simply don't know how we would have done it all, without you. Not to mention the co-hosting of parties, cooking and housework support all around.
Alas, I think 2010 will start with some real adjustments and the foraging for a Gavin-sitter. No one could replace you two in his eyes but Eric and I will promise to keep having date nights one way or the other. (And no that doesn't include moving or organizing any body's house.) We love you and wish you many blessings in your new digs!