Sunday, March 17, 2013

Gavin Takes PineWood Derby District Championship!

Gavins' car is second from right, purple with orange stripe.
The plot begins with a block of wood, four wheels/axle's and two eager men. The stage is set for the design, the plan and the engineering required. Shortly after, the purchases begin: A Pinewood Derby "How-To" magazine, bottles of paint, weights, graphite and sandpaper. Ultimately, many hours of calm and patient work in the shop. Alas, the climax: Eric and Gavin each raced this Saturday at the Sierra Blanca Pinewood Derby, in Ruidoso. Gavin took 1st Place overall, out of more than 40 cars, by a hair. (Think in the thousands of seconds.) Memories were made and we observe our intermission before driving to Regionals in Roswell where the end of this story will be unveiled.

Erics' car is on far left, red with Lego Driver.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Finding My Keyboard

Gavin Field-Tripping At Sierra Blanca Regional Airport, Alto, New Mexico, March, 2013.
Finally, after several months, I have found my desire to write and subsequently have reached for my keyboard for this explicit purpose. Indeed, I have been very busy but I am not one for excuses. Alas, I just have not felt like blogging. Your inquiries about this fact, have led me to believe people are reading this little page, so here I am, attending to our fans. :)
Cub Scouts is keeping Gavin and I very busy and we are loving nearly every minute of it. Field trips, weekly meetings, den work, snacks and learning about so many subjects is not for the faint of heart. We have a wonderful Pack and are trying to rear truly decent men while we often feel as though we are herding cats. Like a masochist, I am registering for as many Scout classes as possible so I can move past the novice phase of this endeavor into a more learned state. One is local and easily entered, the other is at Philmont Scout Ranch, where only 10 slots are available. I hope sending a photo and a few reference letters will assist with this endeavor-I need all the props I can get and figure these won't hurt.
Not unlike other months, I have been exercising like a fool and loving every minute of it. I am still selling and marketing Medi Hydra Paks' and have returned to my Personal Training business-in clients home. Nothing better than getting paid to train people to feel better. I am getting up really early these days and prepping Gavins' lunch and breakfast. Eric picks up Phase II and gets him dressed and out the door to school. Eric's main endeavor  continues to be work and there is plenty of it. Commercial and residential he has a regular stream of jobs strolling into his shop. Gavin waits with baited breath for playtime with him before and after school, followed by Gavins' bedtime and Erics' pre-bedtime, on the couch cat nap.
Sidebar: The pictures below will appear on a local Seamstress Blog who handcrafted both the Jedi Robe and the dress I recently wore to a wedding. She is a marvel.

Gavins' Adventures:

He has received straight A's all year and is infatuated with mathematics. We see another family engineer, he swears he will be a chef. Time will tell.
Soccer in 70 Mph wind begins in March-bring your kite and face mask. No team or coach assigned as of yet.
Play dates are saving me: an only child surrounded by seniors needs buddies over often if Mom is too remain relatively sane.
Summer Plans underway include Vasa Camp, an Art Camp in Plano, TX (with Auntie and Uncle), many local camps and more nights around a campfire exploring New Mexico in our Coyote camper.