Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kindred Spirits

Post Horseback riding at Grindstone Lake
Visit to Bonito Falls

Geographically speaking, their friendship was unlikely. One arriving from Tuscon, the other from Ruidoso, fatefully arriving in Mexico last New Year's at the same exact time. Ah, the fun they had for a brief but adventurous week on the beach in San Carlos. When the trip ended, as all vacations do, Gavin tearfully asked "when will I see her again?' I replied, "the world is smaller than it appears and if you keep in touch with her, God will find a way." And He did.
8 Mile Trek Around and then UP Nogal Peak to 9800`
Recently, we hosted Reese and her Mom, Janet, to our home as they traversed in their Mini Bowling Green Cooper from Tuscon to Ruidoso along with their Car Club. We were thrilled they chose to stay at our casa, despite the menagerie of current animals, and we enjoyed every minute of our time together. Plus, they brought good luck as our Foster Dog, Nellie, was adopted just days after their departure!
We hit the racetrack, went horseback riding, bet and won on American Farrow as he ripped through the Belmont dirt, and enjoyed a full day of water and hiking before they had to return home. Ironically, we took them to the track, but they provided the education on horse selection and betting! Gavin and Reese spent their time at our house either on the trampoline or in the tent, where they slept peacefully, through multiple thunderstorms and torrential rain!

Until we meet again,

P.S.All these amazing images are courtesy of both the talent and patience of Janet and Eric, each whom believe a picture should tell a story. And they do!

Rocking a Pose