Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fall Flashbacks

Nevin at One-Year
Welcome back to the very neglected Collins' family blog. Rather than bore you with the details of our last three months, I'd rather you capture our life, through the glimpses provided in the following photo's, with associated captions, coupled with the list of Flashbacks provided. Simply put, there is not enough room here to cover all the activity but suffice it to say, we have had a jamming few months of kiddo, Cub Scouts, work and drive-by, last minute fun travel and visitors!
Lunch In Lincoln with Carla and Doug
Gavin/Punk-Rocker Halloween

Aunt Leah & Uncle Joe at Eagle Creek

  • Gavin and Eric traveled to Canada twice in the last six months to see family. One trip was planned for months, the other planned and executed in less than 24 hours! They surprised Great-Grandma on her 99th birthday! Nobody knew but the three of us.
  • Ness also startled her family by surprising them in October with a short jaunt to Plano. I appreciate the crazy fun we always have and the outstanding homemade grub!
  • My business is rocking! God has blessed me with plenty of work for a part-time gig and I can't wait to see what 2015 brings.
  • Eric is busy running his company and planning to bring Christmas to nearly 800 local children. We will be wrapping and shopping fools from now til December 15th or so. Trust me, it is the very best way to get into and stay in the holiday spirit. Get out and GIVE your time people and your troubles will melt away.
  • Gavin's school and Cub Scouts are keeping me hopping. Wreath fundraiser for the Cubs yielded enough funds for the entire year ahead! WHOOO! School field trips are spent in my old red-bus, the Expedition, where food, dirty little boys and fun can be enjoyed. 
  • We are headed to friends for a large Thanksgiving dinner and Mexico for the New Year! Can't wait to put my white butt on a sandy beach and SIT!
  • Gavin's straight A record continues and so does his piano. Tae Kwon Do is on hold for now. He is doing upper level math and enjoying the challenge! 
  • Bandit is a GEM of a dog! Nevin is finally befriending the enemy.
  • A quote from a client I hope will impact you: "what would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?" Fear is such a powerful enemy.

    Eric's First-Ever Hunting Trip, Bottomless Lakes
    Tainted 80's Halloween Party and Custom Photo Booth!
    Love to all and may you have a very blessed and gratitude-filled Thanksgiving!                                                                   Ness