Friday, April 17, 2009

Bunnies, Biology and Buds

Spring has sprung around our place and usually that means warmer weather, arrival of the Easter Bunny and the indoor planting of seeds and blooms. Well, so far we have seen 2 out of those 3 events occur; the bunny and the blooms. We are freezing our keesters right off. Parts unfrozen have been blown away in the 50 MPH wind. I am certain Mother Nature is going through menopause, "gone postal" or simply gone "off the reservation." The weather has been WHACKED all over New Mexico with temps swinging 40 Degrees in one day! Our trees budded, got frostbite and are so darn confused they don't know which way is up. Clearly, Mother Nature needs to see her Physician or Psychologist. Nonetheless, with a kiddo in the house, life just keeps rolling along, as nothing really stops these little guys from celebrating.

BUNNIES & Biology:

Gavin really got involved in Easter celebrations this year. He understands the holiday represents Jesus' second birthday, celebrated by the coloring of eggs, the hunting of eggs and the scarfing of little chocolate egg candies. (We squeezed in some crafts too, to decorate and make table place cards for our family Easter meal.) Kids love scissors, paper and glue; Mom's love the anxiety of a 3-year-old with a sharp object. Wine anyone??? Our first event was the Village Egg Hunt on Saturday, held in a local campground and attended by the masses. I have never seen so many haggard parents who appeared as though they just rolled out of bed, grabbed the kid and keys and bolted to the hunt. Scare-do's, Lycra tights and cigarettes dangling represented the breadth of the Ruidoso culture. Papa noticed that one parent had the gall to stowe her cigs in her child's basket; poor kid. The hunt itself was over before you could fart. The "speed hunt" ended abruptly due to lightening, rain and freezing temperatures. (Go figure.) Our usual visit with Smokey Bear and the Easter Bunny himself, plus a ride on the Ruidoso Fire truck was all nixed as we scrambled to the truck for cover. Smokey was right behind us and the Bunny eluded us altogether. Gavin didn't score a big-load, which never seems to be his goal, he was happy with a handful of eggs, only one filled with candy, and the others stuffed with little trinkets. Mema was hoping for more chocolate, so she could score a few bites, from the kiddo. (Sorry Mema, you will have to hit your chocolate stash when you get home. Like Tim, Mema lives on the stuff.)

On Sunday, Mema and Papa came out with a gorgeous Easter basket that Mema had hand stuffed/wrapped and bowed with a collection of goodies we'd all put together. She also had eggs she and Gavin had dyed to put in the backyard. Gavin's face lit up like a star when he hunted for both that particular basket and one more from Grandma Chris, both hidden in our house by the Easter Bunny (a Warren family tradition). For a final genital freezing, we all went into the backyard where Eric braved the temps, and hid several eggs for Gavin's second "speed hunt." Gavin found all the eggs and managed a frigid, long-range pee that left us stunned, (he can traject 9 to 10 feet regularly, see picture) and then headed inside. The rest of the day was so peaceful as Gavin entertained himself with all the new toys and books he received and was smart enough to put candy away for another day. With a kid napping all afternoon, Papa and Eric worked on some carpentry projects together, while Mema and I populated our germinator with hundreds of itty bitty vegetable seeds. We sat down to a great homemade meal, no store bought nothing, and had a relaxing evening. Such a joy to have them here, THEY ARE SUCH A HUGE HELP, with household projects. I don't think there is anything they can't build or repair, despite being over 70 years of age. I love company that actually helps us get work completed! No Warren likes to sit around so when you visit us plan to be busy either voluntarily or by force!
Alas, Eric finished building my seed germinator and so far it has been super effective. We had sprouts in three days and everything is growing. The whole process has been and will be such a great way to spend family time and teach Gavin about where food comes from...I will be running the rototiller this weekend and attending a high altitude gardening class, plus relying heavily upon Mema's decades of gardening experience. Maybe something will live, eh?


  1. Send those 70 year olds to La Paz! We need help! Ana

  2. Ness, if you don't own overalls, steel-toe boots, and a John Deer hat I think it is time!

  3. Oh my, hope the weather settles down before you freeze solid. Good luck with the gardening. Looking forward to eating all of the good stuff this summer.

    Tell Gavin we are impressed with his peeing skills. I am sure the girls are going to love him! The Scoots

  4. Hi Ness! I want to hear more about the germinator thing. We built raised beds for our veggie garden this year. I am not building a garden in a flood plain again. However, I really expected to see Noah in my mom's yard last August laughing at my veggies floating away.

    Gavin sure is looking grown up. Isn't life wonderful without diapers?! God Bless-

  5. Great blog post, as usual. We've (well, Terri) been planting flowers and some thyme (to go with the rosemary). I tried to get Ter to plant parsley and sage to complete the set. The pool is warm and tub is hot. Visit sometime and we'll return to see you once I'm better!