Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sun & Snow, Sled & GO!

Alas, we finally managed to get a small bit of the soft,
fluffy white stuff that up until recently has totally
bi-passed Southern New Mexico. Our drought continues as our mountain snowfall total remains pitifully low. However, when you have a toddler, any amount of snow means snow ice-cream, sledding over barely covered gravel and grass and of course, the construction of a snowman.

We hit the driveway early to beat the Noon melt we expected. Gavin can really get to cooking given the grade and well-built sled Dad got him last year for Christmas. He wanted us to pull him up the hill, to go again, but we had to break it to him, the game is sled-down, hike up. No piggy backs, you need to burn off some energy! So we spent most of the morning watching him laugh and crash. While I made lunch, Dad and he built a petite snowman with a carrot nose, coal (from the fireplace) for eyes, a really ugly ski hat and finally a pink pipe cleaner for a mouth. He looked like a Tammy Fay Baker snow-man-woman-it. They had a blast!

We topped off the busy day with the boys headed over to a friends house for a play date and pizza, and all the Mommy's headed out for Moms Night Out. We had a great time at a local Italian place. Of course, the kiddos were up very late, so today we have just been lounging like lizards. Eric made Gavin breakfast, while I slept off that last glass of Merlot. !

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  1. Oh, how fun! Wish you could have been there for the snow day! Love Carla and Doug