Wednesday, January 28, 2009

If Gordie Could Have Voted...

If our Hound, Gordie, could have voted in the General Election, he would have gone Democratic. Like Al Gore, Gordie knows we are in the throws of Global Warming. (Yes, we have seen Al's movie and like Al, I don't buy the party line that what we are experiencing "is just a natural cycle" of the earths evolution. The polar bears aren't buying it and neither am I. Gordie isn't buying that pitch because he is shedding his winter coat, two months ahead of schedule, all over our house. Just like the melting of Arctic Ice, you can complain about it, but the process still unfolds. My vacuumn and dog wash are working DOUBLE time as we continue to experience very dry, very warm days, with no snow in sight. The lack of moisture has forced me to hand water, yes hand water, dozens of trees, shrubs and other foliage all around our newly, and expensively landscaped property. What's a girl to do? The evergreens and decidious pretties just will not establish if I don't baby them this year, but they are so confused they are January! We are bound to have several hard frosts ahead of us, so if these guys go down, I am not taking the hit. I have spent enough time in prison for killing houseplants with our water-softner-salt-infused beverage already. Thanks to Mema, that problem is since resolved. (Use water from outside Ness.) Funny, my houseplants are now thriving. Thanks Mom.

So, as we watch nature turn on a dime, during the wrong season, we realize that one helluva fire season lays before us, unless we get some good old wet stuff before May. Alas, we have a huge riding lawn mower, just itching to get beat up, all over this place. And, since there is much more horror occuring in the world, my backyard seems well, just not that big of a deal. I'll do what I can and throw the rest to God to fix. He has better odds onto a really trivial, but hilarious byline from Gavin.

Byline: Tonight, after we watched a portion of The Wizard of Oz, for the gazillionith time, Gavin and Dad are off to read a book for bedtime. Apparently, during storytime, Gavin stood up on Eric's legs to give him a squeeze and ask for a goodnight song, when Dad said sure and proceeded to sing Johnny Cash Folsom Prison song lyrics, Gavin accidently pounced down upon Eric's groin, i.e. Tallywacker. As Eric shrieked and told Gavin to be careful, Gavin apologized and said "Dad, you want some Butt Paste to fix your boo boo?" Out of the mouths of babes...

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  1. Gavin is right - Butt Paste is great for all boo boo's! Hope Eric's cured by now! Love Carla