Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Construction: Physical and Mental!

If you can hear it, I must confess, the racket is coming from our house! Once again, we are under construction as we continue to finish our house within our five-year goal. Most of you know, we moved in when it wasn't complete for a number of reasons. Since then, we have been listening to banging of every imaginable sort as we begin to narrow down our Punch List of tasks; time and money permitting.

Currently, we are enclosing the mud-room that connects the garage to the main elevation of the house and provides the transition up to the big unfinished game room ~1200 sq. feet. The space is small, but tricky. We need it to look like it was part of the as-built instead of an after-thought. We also need storage for boots, scarves, hats, coats and umbrella's. Once it is sealed off with its own door and insulated walls, we will be ready to take the big plunge and put electricity and a separate furnace in the game room itself. Gavin has been a real trooper and sleeping through the racket thus far. Thankfully, his room is at the other end of the house! The noise is making me crazy, but such is life. We chose January to begin this particular endeavor as we are not expecting any company following a big rush through Fall and Christmas. Alas, we are just glad we can have the work done by an awesome builder, given Eric's work schedule this year. Thus, I conclude the physcial construction onto the reference made to mental construction.
Gavin just completed his mid-year review at Montessori. Actually, a very interesting process compared to a traditional school. He is evaluated in more the ten areas ranging from interaction with adults and kids, care of his enivronment, care of himself, large and fine motor skills, grace and courtesy, sensorial materials, reading, writing and math to name a few. Proud as pigs in mud to say, he was advanced in all or most areas for his age. No disciplinary issues thus far...let's hope it stays that way!
Last, but most momentous, we celebrated President Obama's inauguration with a special candlelight dinner and "cocktails" with the boy (cranberry juice, club soda, lime in a martini glass). He totally got the whole special occasion, just not the new President, first African-American concept. Maybe when he is seven and Obama is re-elected, he can really grasp the enormity of the day! Thus, my mental "construction" update.

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  1. Lots of fun stuff going on at Casa de Collins. Sorry to miss all of the action. Please save some chores for Doug. You know how much he enjoys puttering around your house!

    PS: Gavin - Congratulations on being such a smart boy. Keep up the good work!

    Love Carla and Doug