Saturday, June 5, 2010

Only In Texas

can/would you do the following;

1) Skunk hunt with your Papa (see Gavin below with a flashlight.)

2) Watch a man find Christ while getting baptized in a livestock watering tank, in the back of a Ford, in a public park.

3) Be joined on your morning run by 4 dogs and a goat that comes up to your waist.

4) Look at the under-belly of an emu while you drive through a 2000 acre Wildlife Refuge~while feeding them.

5) Buy a merlot ice slushy and take it shopping with you.

6) Sweat while doing nothing.

Needless to say, we had a great time with Mema and Papa, Becky and Dave. We loved both of their new homes for different reasons; My Mom and Dads' is quiet and full of remodeling opportunities for two do it your-selfers and my Sisters' is right in Plano on a 1/2 acre lot with an enormous patio and pool. We spent time at both and had fun all around. We missed Eric but he golfed, and did chores, and golfed some more. He also got to sleep in...a rarity around here.

The best part is that all of them are very happy to be relocated and within driving distance of one another.

Mema and Papa dropped everything to play with Gavin for four solid days and they even put a swing up to give him some place to play while we made meals etc. Not only did we hit the Wildlife Refuge but they took us to Granbury lake where Gavin made fast friends and had a blast two days in a row...Just playing in the water. We wore Papa out as did the heat and the completion of his new shed/ramp for the new lawnmower below. The boys did not need to cut any grass but Papa was happy to just drive Gavin around.

At Beck's we had no camera and she was glad for that...historically averse to having her picture taken. We swam after every meal, she took me to buy some new running shoes and also to a historical farm where Gavin played in the old schoolhouse while Bec's did her VP thing via Blackberry. We could have stayed much longer and just hung out around the pool with drinks and a very excited kid. We were grateful to her and Dave for spending time with us, despite their work schedules. (Congrats to Dave on his new job!)

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  1. You are right - only in Texas and only with our crazy family!

    Loved the photos and can't wait to see everyone this summer!