Wednesday, June 23, 2010


June has been WILD and productive all at once.
Our Completed Punch List:

Finished our game room
Resurfaced our entire driveway
Built new deck outside Erics' workshop
Groomed the entire property; trees, flowers, weeds etc.-ourselves
Launched our first seasonal camping trip
Hosted Uncle Gary for a week
Finished Gavins' swim lessons
Hosted a big ole party!
Had a big ole hangover!

Do you remember that ugly ass room over our garage? Well, we finished all 1,100 sq. feet of the game room and other than one liquor cabinet and a few touch ups-it looks spectacular! We added a bar, bar sink, full bathroom, carpet, TV, big ole fan, mirrored closet doors and code-specified handrails on the stairs. We were tired of contractor traffic and elected to do the finish work with our own hands; caulking, painting, baseboards, trim etc. Our new ping pong table will find its home here in the winter but for now is on the patio providing us with some family entertainment.

We broke in the room BIGTIME with 14 thrashing kids and all of our close friends over Memorial Day. The kids ran from the game room, to the golf green to the playset for hours. We didn't really know where Gavin was all night-now that is a good party. We served plenty of Aunt Becky's cape cods and enjoyed all the potluck goodies that friends brought over. Maybe thats why we didn't really care where the hell the kids were or what they were doing! We have a great house for summer parties-bar none. Add that to the killer weather-80 degree days, 50 degree nights and we understand why all the Texans come here during this season.

Gavin is strangely excited about toilets lately-the new one upstairs means he does not have to pinch a turd to run downstairs and the portable one Grandpa Tim bought, but never used, was a novelty while camping. We have camped for years without a pottie, but man was it nice after a few cocktails-no climbing in the woods with a kid, a headlamp and a shovel! Our first camping trip is always close to town so we can assess the camper following a long winter outside. Eagle Creek was peaceful and we had a huge area all to ourselves-except the wonderful surprise visitors early Saturday morning. The wild mustang herd came through and despite Gavin's presence across the creek, the bedded down for a rest. So cool to see completely wild horses. Friends stop by while we camped to have a beer, feed us and go hiking with me. We really rested up and slept like rocks.

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  1. "Our" room turned about beautifully. Can't wait to see it up close and personal. Does our room have a fridge too? We will never leave!

    Glad that you are enjoying the summer and I am sure that you are celebrating finishing up all of your big projects.

    You done good!

    Love you all, Carla