Friday, April 30, 2010

Taxi Anyone?

Gavin is not a tipper, he can jack up a car seat in no time and loves to ask a bazillion questions while we cruise. But, I think I will keep him, buy an RV and ditch the house (we are rarely inhabiting.) Since becoming his Taxi Driver, I can tell you, we are always jamming from one place to another; school, gymnastics, play dates, swimming lessons and those are just the SCHEDULED list of stops.
Add in Eric's events and my own and you begin to wonder "who were the idiots that chose to live in the boonies anyway?" Obviously, we are the culprits of our own demise. We didn't get it. If you don't have kids, you won't get it. But, living in the country with a young , active one, means living in the car. Guess that's why hindsight is 20/20 because foresight isn't worth a @#$!

We recently hit the kite festival and had a blast. The kids played, with little supervision, for more than 3 hours. The parents lounged in the sun and laughed following a seemingly never-ending winter. Gavin is in love with his friend Grace and newly acquired friend Jonas. Each of their Moms' have truly become great friends of mine and with whom I spend as much time as possible. Eric knows their Dads' from high school and it often feels like old home week when they start swapping tales of the 'good ole days.

The girls and I are running, hiking, goofing off and enjoying having the families together very regularly. Thanks to Heidi, I am running farther than I had ever planned on (she is a cross country aficionado) and thanks to Megan, Gavin has his first "girlfriend." He calls her a "firecracker" because he gets fired up whenever they are together. No, he has no idea what a girlfriend is, but he really loves Grace.

Speaking of Taxi Drivers', Eric needs one so he can sleep in the passenger seat. Not only is he managing to keep the business running (while dozens of others are already closed) he is completing a nine-month leadership course for which he had to be nominated~Leadership Lincoln. He will graduate next month and truly it will be quite a notch in his career. He is one of the youngest members to be nominated and ultimately to graduate. Gavin and I are prouder than barnyard roosters and grateful he is taking care of us during these tumultuous times. We know God has a plan for us but it's been interesting living through the trailer to this movie! Each month we are faced with difficult choices about our future, choices that families all over the country also face. We see great opportunity and have faith that no matter what, we will be in good hands.

After looking for an actual job for a spell, I decided a real job just isn't in the cards. Positions are being whacked like wheat in a field and budget shortfalls are not helping. So, rather than sit around and wait, I took over all the cleaning services at the office and am enjoying the extra money and flexibility. Eric pays me a SUPER salary and I work when Gavin is asleep. In addition, I have been volunteering on the Parks and Rec Board and at Gavin's school in a variety of roles; field trip leader/sucker, Earth Day garden coordinator, baker etc. Gavin's teacher has told us he has the maturity of a five-year-old, is very generous, obedient and empathetic. Most importantly he has developed a love of learning and a compassion for others. Rather than thinking of just himself we are working on teaching him to think of others' first. I have met many adults who never did figure this out~and never will. Wish us luck.
On other fronts, our game room is 99% done. Once it is "photo ready" next week, I will post some pics. Our drop dead date for doing all the touch up work and reassembling our entire garage is Memorial Weekend. Just in time for a BBQ, Eric's birthday and Graduation! Gavin and I are headed to Texas for a week and we hope the Tinkerbell fairy will come help Eric finish it all, in between rounds of golf!

Last but not least, a note to those of you following my Relay For Life journey~I have raised more than $700.00 with a goal of $1000 by June. Thanks to all who have supported this endeavor.

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  1. Oh, it sounds like you are all doing well - even in the tough times. So good to hear.

    Congratulations to Eric on graduating from the Leadership course. We knew he could do it!

    Sure miss the Collin's and can't wait to see you this summer!

    Love Carla