Sunday, March 21, 2010

ABQ Trip & New Video!

Hello All,

Eric was kind enough to capture a few unforgettable Gavin moments on video and create another snapshot of our little life for your viewing. So many of you are far away and we hope this brief glimpse will make you feel up to date and in touch. Especially, Auntie Carla and Uncle Doug, whom Gavin misses a great deal, almost as much as Mema and Papa!

All of the clips are from events occurring between Dec '09 and March '10. Once you compare the pictures against the video, you will see our Little Man has really began to grow-up and show a big interest in physical activities and sports. Shocking, I know. He is also a total goof-ball, a trait derived entirely from his Dad!

Our trip to ABQ was really fun and jammed pack with activities. We hit the zoo, the planetarium, had a potluck with old college friends, met Auntie Leah at the park and had a short visit with Uncle Gary and Grandma Geri, before we had to run and beat another snowstorm home. (ugh.)

Gary is doing awesome~at the gym 3x per week with a trainer is really paying off in balance, continued weight loss and a chance to meet new people. His neuro rehab is showing continued improvements in reading and memory so we can't trick him like we use too! Damn. Geri is doing well and contemplating a return to work...I am sure they miss her help.

It was great to get out of our own house where continued construction of the game-room can be quite loud!
The pictures are truly amazing and taken entirely by Eric. He really should start shooting photos as a serious hobby...they maintain incredible resolution when enlarged!

P.S. Please click the video once and allow it (awhile) to buffer down. If you are on a dial-up you will have a better chance of picking up chopsticks with your buttcheeks than viewing the video, until you can get to a broadband (bigger pipe) connection point. Find a retailer and use their wireless network!


  1. I love the picture of Gary! I'm stealing it to post on FB. Love you guys. derek

  2. Loved the pictures and video of the family in winter wonderland! Sure miss you guys, but all look well and happy. Hope Spring brings some sunshine and warm weather. Love Carla

  3. PS: Doug says Gavin must have got Eric's athletic abilities!