Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chaos at The Collins' Corral

Picture the Pioneers of the West, minus the herd of cows, the hemorrhoids and the ability to hunt for food; this was our corral during the past two weeks. Instead of cows, we have been herding cats (family) and Gavin who both seem to be keeping us busier than one-armed shooters.

My Sis and Bro-n-Law, Carla and Doug, stayed a few days last week and are here this week wrapping up their three-month journey across the United States. Traveling largely in their more than twenty-year-old Mazda truck, so loaded the bumper is dangerously near the ground. Honestly, I have never seen so much shit rammed into a vehicle in my life. The entire picture is reminiscent of the Grapes of Wrath. Outer appearances suggest they are homeless, pioneering through life in this truck. Not surprisingly, they have received a few perplexed glances when Doug recently requested it be "valet parked" at a recent upscale hotel stay. Alas, they are just purchasing, storing and hoarding items for their return to Moondance and completion of this hurricane season.

During the Scott's visit we have been experiencing the old West with apple picking, quick-draw gun shooting, a trip to the local Western Chuckwagon, lots of home-cooking, comfort food and white trash entertainment. Through it all we have drawn a few conclusions;

1) We would die if we had to rely on Doug or Eric to shoot and kill anything worth eating.

2) Gun holsters are not flattering or useful on women who are short and pear-shaped.

3) Based on direct experience, Gavin is certain Carla is ill-equipped to drive an ATV. So are the owners of the ATV!

4) Arrival from long road trips wreck havoc on our septic system.

5) Playing ghost only requires a pillow case and ear-piercing screaming.

On other fronts;

The Martha in me (the non-incarcerated part) has the house all decorated for Halloween~a month ahead of time! Eric and I really get into the holiday and Gavin gets such a kick out of it. We had bat shaped pancakes for breakfast, pumpkin bread for snacks at school last week and plenty of ale to ring in the Harvest Moon. We are going as pirates...should be fun watching Gavin stab kids with a plastic sword. ugh.

Took a hike with friends to 10,555' on Sunday and it was fall around. The leaves had begun to carpet the forest floor and the elk nearby let out a bugle or two just for us.

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