Friday, October 30, 2009

The Jaunts & The Haunts

Back from our recent jaunt from Denver-with many funny memories and a yearning for the amenities of the city!

We had a busy social calendar, lodging with Candice, Gavin's' Godmother, celebrating Gary's 42Nd birthday with the entire Collin's Clan, including Great Grandma (Gigi) from Edmonton, and the ringing in of our 11Th wedding anniversary! Wow, now that's a weekend. Imagine, our shock to find stores open after dark, people exercising everywhere and walking to their dinner, to get groceries and hit their neighborhood park. All of this was within walking distance and you could survive easily without using a vehicle-unlike where we live---NORTH 40! Needless to say, we loved the city...and the departure from the sticks.

We scored on the lodging situation, taking over the entire lower floor of Candice's trendy, modern bungalow home. Eric really loved the shower, with a variety of shower heads and Gavin and I lived in the hot tub out back. Gavin did not want to ever get out, so he educated himself on how to pee off the hot tub deck! Neighbors loved it, I am sure. (White trash is visiting, heads up.)

We had to get out and hit the town, sans the kiddo. So the Grandma's put Gavin to bed and we walked to many of Candice's haunts-local wine store, very generous with tastings, then the Sushi Den, full of young people and amazing food. Len and Karen Sanchez (Len, Candice and Eric all went to high school together) joined us and the chatter about old times and stupid things they had done together was priceless. Then with a nice buzz, we walked back home. Ah, so nice, no friggin cars to get into and no toddlers to feed! My first entire meal in awhile! Other jaunts included a trip to the Denver Aquarium, where Gavin vibrated his way through the entire venue, visits to an upscale toy store, fabric store, Candice's sister, Cicily's house, and a long walk through her lively neighborhood stores with their dogs to keep us moving.

Speaking of jaunts, a very memorable one for the weekend included, the tour Gary gave us of the Craig facility-WOW-very high-end and lively. But not as much fun as watching Gary school Eric at a blow dart game in the rec room-handing him his ass the first game. The two of them are closer than I have ever witnessed and the locker-room humor was contagious. Craig continues to be top ten in the country for a reason. (For more detail on Gary's progress-which is phenomenal-check out his site

Last, but certainly not least, we spent Sunday afternoon relaxing. The a.m. was spent with Candice, who then cared for Gavin the remainder of the day and evening, while Eric and I hit Vesta to celebrate our 11Th wedding anniversary-alone. The food was unforgettable, but time to ourselves was priceless. Not sure why Eric hangs around with me. I think and hope he has a learning disorder, and continues to for many, many years to come. LOVE YA E.

Special thanks to Candice for making us feel so at home and for working Gavin's mind with puzzles and puppets!


Halloween was so much fun this year because we hand picked a neighborhood the kids could actually walk; houses are smaller, closer together and don't involve a 12 percent asphalt slope, like the rest of the Village in which we dwell! You can't just walk out and trick or treat here, half the homes are for vacationers only, the other half are on five acre lots and the others, well, you don't want to visit! So, we did a nice potluck at Godmothers rental home right in town and then opened the door and had the perfect loop for all the kids...The even was sheer chaos with all the kids rambling around and having such a great time. Will definitely do this again. Thanks to Megan, Becky, Eric and Alice for making it happen. Special thanks to Candice for giving up her rental to the onslaught of toddlers and kids! To rent her house visit it at (702 Wingfield)! She is a great lady.

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