Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our Weekend Flashback

Yep, we managed to get our feces compacted enough to squeeze in a long weekend at Elephant Butte Lake and then a one-niter in ABQ at a hotel.
Typical Collins' chaos, Gavin and I towing the trailer, Eric coming much later in the same day. Thankfully, our friends, Jim and Tawona, are more organized and kid-free. They arrived at the Lake and found a nice spot for the whole fam-damily. With their 5Th wheel, our two vehicles and later on our boat, it looked like an auction! We took over the whole spot, got beds made up and watched the dutch-oven Champions take over for supper prep. (We brought sides.)

Ever seen the movie Lonesome Dove. Well, that was us all over. Watching them cook in cast iron ovens over a fire was Old Gus at his finest. I got to tell you, it was the best meal of BBQ ribs, mac salad, garden veggies and then apple cobbler I had ever had...anywhere. Both of them have won national competitions for these dishes and now we know why. I betcha you could smell that cobbler cooking for miles. Poor idiots next to us were probably eating dogs. Needless to say, we loved every pound we gained. Gavin was out like a light without a peep and we sat around telling old tales of prior lives we had each lived. I laughed so hard, my cheeks hurt. It was quiet and very peaceful all around.

Shotgun start, pancakes and the boys headed out to our boat shed to unearth the Regal...that has been there an entire year, sight unseen. The boat is nearly new and in very good condition, but was found a little grimy with a dead battery. So, once the boys got a new battery we sat off to enjoy the Lake, minus water-skiing cause of Eric's broken finger. (long story.) We met more friends on the Lake and watched Gavin go solo on the tube all three days we were there. Eric learned how to surf and did really well. He picks it all up so easily. I got to drive the boat and tan my butt, while diving in at random to cool off. We wrapped up the day with smores, a great fire and a sound nights sleep, less my snoring! Next time, we'd like to buy a knee board and some ski's for me so I can really hit the water. (Eric is a class-act slolemn sort of guy, I just eat water.)
J and T offered to drive our truck and boat back to Ruidoso for maintenance, while we three bandit's towed the trailer and a very tired kid to ABQ to see Uncle Gary. (We have great friends eh?) Gary is entirely transformed since our last visit. He is really just like his old self, (less 65lbs), thoughtful, sarcastic, overwhelmed by mobs of people and ready for the next step in his rehab process at Craig Hospital in Denver. Gavin made new artwork for Gary's room, while we surfed the web, shared pictures, movies and books we brought along. We cracked jokes, enjoyed the lunch Eric brought in and watched the older folks shuffle by...don't think they see many toddlers so Gavin was a big hit. After swimming in the hotel pool and hot tub all morning, Gavin and I were spent. Eric drove the clan back to Ruidoso while we slept...
Wrapping up a great whirlwind of a weekend...

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