Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Sandwich, the Shovel, the Summer

We have had such a tumultuous summer we have often felt like staying in our cave until winter arrived~reverse hibernation. However, that would reflect an entire lack of courage, character, coping skills etc. Thus, why not sandwich some really good stuff, in between the challenges i.e. stale bread? Actually, we have found that even during tough times, life does find a way of rolling along. Many others are facing greater challenges all around us, so let us not bitch. We too must roll even though it may be a little slower and less wild and crazy than the pre-parenting days. Roll we have...

First was the dry-run, or our first time to bust out Grandpa's ole tent trailer. We spent a bit of cash having her looked at by a pro and then planned a trip, very close to town, until we knew what was involved. We had no owners manual so we were shooting in the dark each time we hit a button! So, fully stocked on Diet coke, beer, some pre-made meals, two old mutts, and a poop shovel, we set off to Bonita Lake. If you know me at all, you already know, I do not stay in designated camp grounds (my idea of hell). I could care-less about a shower and a shitter. I want peace and quiet and have no desire to listen to someone else's kids or adult conversation. Our kid makes enough noise all by himself!

So, we passed all the crowds crammed into the campgrounds like cockroaches and found a nice meadow a couple of miles away from the hub-bub. No showers, no potties, just our dirty butts in the great outdoors. Ah, the smell of good old human B.O. and a couple of foul dogs! Of course, that meant, teaching Gavin, how to take the much necessary crap in the woods. Mom's old lesson: shovel, check, plastic bag, check, tp, check, hand wipes, check. We headed up the hill and I showed him what the strategy was...avoid the weeds (never know if it's poison ivy), stay away from rocks (snakes, wasp nests etc.) and don't leave your t.p because the earth can't digest it. Gavin was a little nervous the first time, but all the events afterward, resembled a 3.5 year old pro. I think Gavin even gave Eric a few pointers! The trip was really peaceful, we all slept well (and late), ate well, hiked and enjoyed getting away. We made some friends who joined us in badminton, soccer, checkers etc. despite the Spainish/English language barriers. Two more camping trips are planned for the Fall with friends to finally use our ski boat and do some fishing. I imagine Tim is pretty happy to see us farting around with all his old toys.

Our Social Calendar;

Other outdoor family time has included raspberry picking with Mema in the Hondo valley and apple picking today-two huge boxes of Golden Delicious. The plan is to make a butt-load of turnovers...this week, yummm.

Gavin attended a friends bday party-come dressed as a Super Hero. We had nothing. Stores don't even have Halloween garb out Mema was the Hero. She whipped up the entire costume in one afternoon. Thank gosh. I don't have the patients or talent to sew...Gavin would have been screwed...

Eric and Papa have nearly finished up Gavin's custom built playset. (Sand comes this week, ladder to trap door pending.) Gavin loves it and is on it every afternoon. I can see him directly from the kitchen so the location is perfect. He picks green beans from our garden and eats them while racing down the slide.

Last but not least, our garden continues to produce AND THE HOOPHOUSE WAS APPROVED BY OUR Homeowners Association (read, retired people who like to enforce to many rules.) So, after the first frost, we shall finish what we started in May. Nights are in the low 50's, days are in the 80's so tomatoes and peppers did not produce well. But the squash, watermelons, green beans and pumpkins are going strong!


  1. Great post! The third picture down is A+. I'll be getting hold of your group in a day or two, once I find a phone number. I'll be coming through on my way to Texas, I'd love to spend some more quality time with yall!

  2. Nessa, have I mentioned how much I LOVE reading your blog!