Sunday, August 16, 2009

We Ain't Right Reunion 2009

Time for our annual Warren-"We Ain't Right Reunion" at my brother Phil's and his lovely wife Danette's in Pasco, Washington. We all swarmed upon the Columbia River valley last week and lounged around their mansion-of-a-house like locusts; we fed, we drank, we swam, we fed, we drank, we swam. Not sure why they so kindly offer their home each year to more than twenty of us, but am so grateful they do.

Everyone gets their own bed, espresso-or iced latte-upon request, choice of four bathrooms, pool, hot tub, basketball court and enormous manicured lawn. Oh, least I forget the huge boat for fishing, water skiing, etc. If you get drunk enough, you are certain you are at some resort in Mexico. We tested this theory, repeatedly. Eric loved the theater room for naps and violent flicks parents don't normally get to watch.
My personal goal was to relax and attempt to eat the most seafood possible in six days. We had two feedings worth really mentioning; Anthony's for an all seafood happy hour without kids and a huge home cooked seafood platter of salmon, razor clams, squid, trout and other things I never identified but ate happily. We were stuck like beached whales and loving every minute of it. Thanks to my Niece Jen and Nephew Kohner for preschooler sitting!

We had a swarm of kids so Gavin played and swam during his every waking hour. At night we shoved the kids into the theater room and blasted them with a Pixar flick. Gavin was so tired and overstimulated he crashed every night-hard, plus napped really well all week. A crowd like this and so many kids is a great deal for a country boy. He did not want to leave but also missed his digs at home.

Memorable memento's:

Carla and I hauling ass to the nearest gas station to use the toilet while Phil's septic tank was pumped-shitters full!
Laughing my ass off while Doug shot water through a water noodle from his mouth, through his crotch and out near his butt.

Watching my Dad get up early, go with the flow all day, and stay up late playing dominoes-every night.

Watching Gavin swim all week, largely on his own accord, like he had been in a pool all summer.

Getting a chance to knee-board once during this summer and not crashing or getting injured.

Playing modified baseball called "over the line" introduced by the Scott's.

Getting a recent updated list of all our genetic defects from Carla. Thanks sis. Hammer toe is the new addition. gross.

Watching Gavin open all of Carla's bday gifts-happy 52ND girl!


  1. Awesome! And it's wonderful to see you two with a smile on your faces. You needed the R&R.

  2. It was a grand time. Miss you guys all ready!

  3. You guys really know how to party!!! What great pictures!