Sunday, July 12, 2009

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Finally, it feels like summer at 7000'. We had rain and cool temps most of June, so it seemed like Spring was having a hangover! So, when the thermometer hit 90 degrees we were happier than a litter of ten-pecker-ed puppies. Time for the pool, the play set, margarita's and our first harvest from the half-assed hoop/greenhouse!
Friday night was fun as we headed to some friends for a nice dinner party and took the kiddo to Mema and Papa's for an overnighter. When we dropped him off he hit the pool and he never looked back at us. I think he would stay with them a week, easily, before acting up. Mom said he was perfectly behaved. No shock there. He is only a turd with us! What the hell shall we do when they move??? ugh.

Off to the pool on Sunday while everyone else was at church. (We owe ya God.) We got Gavin a Coast-Guard approved vest with a cool grommet attachment to swim shorts. I must tell you, it worked really well and was recommended to me by a swimming coach. He was swimming and kicking like crazy and even went a few strokes on his own. If you know a Mom with a tot, tell her about them as they seem to learn to swim much faster. They beat the crap out of those wings and floats etc. We had such a great day with him.

I know you will be stunned, but our HALF-ASSED HOOP HOUSE is producing veggies! We let Gavin and Mema have the first pick of mesclun lettuce, spinach and pak choy. We have been eating it right from the garden (Gavin could care less about the dirt) and each night for supper. Time to share with the neighbors. Eric designed and submitted our site plan so maybe we will get this thing built before summer escapes us!

Last but not least, we had a great Fourth of July with a small town parade, lots of loud fire trucks, pounds of hurling candy, a greasy burger and sparklers for Gavin. Thank goodness we were drinking! Watching a 3-year-old with a sparkler isn't really good for the blood pressure! But, since no fireworks are EVER allowed in our entire county (National Forest), we felt compelled to improvise. Needless to say, we laughed so hard we nearly peed our pants. Gavin and Eric were both spastic. This coupled with a birthday cake, streamers and balloons for my Mom's birthday made this particularly memorable.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Gary, Eric's brother and only sibling. By the Grace of God he is really improving dramatically. We have set up a separate blog for his transformation ( and will keep both this one and that one, updated. (To view Gary's website type in gcollins and hit "visit website.") Hugs to all. I am off to get the garden dirt, chlorine and other unmentionables out of my butt crack. (All good pics are via Eric's magic with our new camera.)


  1. Everyone looks wonderful - great photos! Sounds like you are all finally enjoying summer - yeah. Can't wait to see all of the improvements (and the relatives) in September!

  2. Gavin is going to be seriously pool-ready for our next Beaches trip....or a trip to our pool here in Cali. Miss you all!