Sunday, March 1, 2009

Collins'/Hillbilly Cleaning Chaos Continues

Imagine an office, an apartment at the office, and a more than 4000 square foot house full of more than thirty-years worth of belongings...well, if you can picture it, (if you care too), you can begin to grasp the amount of cleaning, donating and discarding we have done since the passing of Eric's Dad, Tim. I am sure Tim has gotten a kick out of watching the family mine through his old stuff. We found that the old saying is true "you can't take it with you when you go, so leave it for your kids!" I must say, we have often looked like the Beverly Hillbilly's as we ramble down the roads with trucks, trailers and SUV's filled with stuff to donate, keep or toss. In Tim's defense, much of the stuff was not his, instead belonged to other family members who had pack-rat skills.

To date, we have had one yard sale, several trips to the dump, dozens of trips to the Thrift store and a remodel at the office. Funny, we have managed to fill the Village dumpsters so many times, we'd stopped counting, but the neighbors had not. They very politely informed us of additional dumpster locations should ours get filled again!

The last two weekends have been spent at the ole Snowcap house and with help from the Jennings' family and all the Collins' family members the house is entirely, yes, entirely empty. All that remains too be worked upon are the attics, garage and carports. We all managed to laugh, have two picnics, get exhausted together and work through the frustration that comes with a monumental effort of this nature. Thankfully, Chris took the lion-share of the furniture as did friends, and strangers who needed it. We all felt really good about the whole process since so many others will benefit. We also found some very precious family heirlooms and can now fill each of our homes with items we cherish. Gary and Geri headed back to Albuquerque last night, with a moving truck of all things good, Chris and Richard headed back to Alamo in Big Red, also filled with all things good. Eric and I landed home with old records, 8-Tracks, the equipment to play them and so many other things he cherished. Now, begins the fun of finding places for it all!

Gavin was very good and had his own on site babysitter-cousin, as Richard played with him all morning so I could work. Gavin had so much fun, he has talked about it all weekend. "I love Little Richard Mommy." He was sweet enough to tell Richard thank you and I love you more than once.

Alas, a very, very exhausting couple of weeks, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and are enjoying all the remodeling that is now underway. We just can't wait for the house to be cared for again and receiving lots of TLC from my Mom and Dad. Also happy to have time to now catch up on neglected projects at our own house! (After a long, much needed break that is...)


  1. What an accomplishment - you all did good. I am sure that it is a wonderful feeling to have the worst behind you. Looking forward to seeing the place this summer!

  2. Wow. Empty! I can't imagine it. I'm glad everyone was able to help.

  3. The job would have been done much sooner if a certain person hadn't needed to agonize over each sentimental item and read each and every card!

    Thanks for posting about the weekend, your take on things always brings a smile to my face!

    Love you,