Thursday, February 19, 2009

Precious Tidbits, Tales and Turds

If you are a parent or have spent significant time around toddlers, then you know, every day is filled with little precious moments that cause you to burst into belly-wrenching laughter. We are grateful that Gavin provides us with these tidbits all the time, even when he is tired, cranky or sick. We know these moments are precious and fleeting and that family misses observing many of them. We also know that the tidbits of today or tomorrow, will be gone and replaced by others as these kiddos change so quickly. Thus, I share the following tidbits, tales and turd stories from this week. Hope you get a great laugh!

1) Gavin asks, "Mommy, what is that hole under Gordie's tale? (Before I answer, he attempts to physically investigate. I respond, "that is where Gordie's poop comes out." Gavin quickly withdraws his hand and says "oh." Gordie is understandably relieved. Esa is even more relieved.

2) A kid at Montessori comes running inside from recess to ask his teacher for a Kleenex. When she turns to reply to him, we all stand in obvious awe: this kid had the biggest booger I have ever seen: it could have been measured, collected and submitted to Guinness Books. During our ride home Gavin says "Mommy, that booger was guygantic (gigantic)! I am still stunned from the event.

3) Gavin's convertible crib is now a toddler bed with three sides. Thus, he is capable of moving about in his room. So far, he has been excellent at staying in his room and/or bed as directed. Yesterday, right after I closed the door for naptime, he peeked out saying "Mommy, I took my pants off, could you put them on?" I wonder... what was he doing taking his pants off? But, I say nothing. I put his pants back on, snug him back into bed, and he is out for his usual three hours. Kids are so funny and boys are SO curious.

4) Gavin has a small stuffed kangaroo. We call him "Roo" based upon the Winnie the Pooh gang of friends. Well, apparently Roo was not sharing, as Gavin sternly said to Roo, "You will have to share or we put toy away, or you have time-out." Well, Roo did not abide so Gavin put the contentious toy away and put Roo in his room for a time-out. Then Gavin, thinking I did not hear him, came and told me about the entire redirection he had conducted. He then retrieved Roo from his room and said to him, "are you calm?" I guess Roo replied as he received the usual hug and was released from in-room prison. It scared me. He sounded just like me. ugh. However, he was very loving so I hope we taught him that too...

5) Still learning how to hold onto the toilet with one hand, and direct his urine stream with the other, Gavin says "Mommy, come here, I peed in my mouth and on my hand." Clearly, Eric needs to offer some training here!

6) I am sure you have heard of the "Race for the Cure". Well, Gavin and I had the Anessa Collins, Race for the Poop today. During the middle of our walk, nearly 1/2 mile from our house and in the middle of ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE, Gavin says "Mommy, I need to poop." Picture me, on top of some hill, looking at neighbors, each on their five acre spreads and thinking, please God don't let him crap in his new big boy underwear. So, with little choice, I sprinted. Faster than I have ran since dating Eric, I hauled ass the entire way home while telling Gavin to "hold it" until we get to the toilet. Alas, I nearly had a heart attack pushing 50lbs (kid is 31lb, stroller is 20lbs), leashing two dogs and running at a sprinters speed. Thankfully, our marvelous boy held onto that turd until we hit the can!

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  1. Oh man, we are missing out on all of the fun!

    Congratulations, Gavin, for graduating to the new big boy underwear. Hope Mom bought you some cool ones - like Dad's!

    Love Carla and Doug