Saturday, July 9, 2016

Adventuring Mama

Alas, I thought winter would never cease, but here I am enjoying the lovely 80 degree days you can only get in the mountains at 7000`. After a week in Texas, it feels like heaven. May and June had the entire family running between baseball, two companies to manage, a house for sale and five acres to mow and clear.  Oh, and four animals to love on, walk and groom! The listing of our house has kept us hopping as we attempt to dwell within it, while keeping it nice and clean, for the next group of potential buyers. So far, traffic has been very good, but no bites as of yet.

We had not seen my Parents in months so Gavin and I ventured into Texas at the height of their humidity/heat index. Setting State weather records meant Gavin and I were up early to head to the outdoors before it became unbearable. We kayaked Granbury Lake, performed illegal acts of trespassing by utilizing every private dock we could find, sprinting down them and jumping INTO the very warm water. We hit the skate park twice and Gavin had a blast. My Dad and I just took a seat, and sweated heavily, while in awe of Gavin's ability to take the heat.
Mema, Gavin and Papa. 
At the Folks casa
Gaming with Auntie
Fathers Day with The Girls
My Mom kept us stuffed with biscuits, sausage and homemade ice cream along with plenty of beverages to ward of the heat. Both she and my Dad dropped everything while we were there to puzzle, play games and visit. The time always goes by so fast.

We loaded up the Jeep and headed slightly North to Plano to see my Sister and Bro In Law and enjoy their pool. After a few cocktails, I found my mojo and was able to really compete with Gavin on the diving board with no repercussion the next day! Becky and David always let us run the roost while visiting and spoil us with really good food and a visit to one of Gavin's favorite spots, the arcade! Becky is all about the arcades and without her, I would not make it. TOO. MUCH. Stimulation for me! God Bless her!
Downtown Dallas from Ross Perot Science Museum
In route between Granbury and Plano, where I navigated the Metroplex traffic, during which I said only a handful of truly foul words, we hit the Ross Perot Nature & Science Museum and spent the entire afternoon. The dinosaur exhibit was amazing!
We drove every robot, tested every earthquake simulator and tried out every hands-on activity they had in the place. Really, one of the best museums I have ever visited, for the entire family. Timing is everything and we were fortunate not to be in this area during the recent tragedy of five police officers killed in the line of duty by one lunatic. God, help us.
Entrance to Great Wolf Lodge
Of course, no ten hour drive from Plano to Ruidoso would be complete, without a stop at Great Wolf Lodge! Gavin and I tore up the slides, while in the comfort of a nice 80 degree, park. Since I was a good Girl, I was given a wristband, to grant me all my wishes, including adult beverages and really amazing BBQ at one of the in-park restaurants. (No, a Pool Boy was not included.)  I found that waving my wristband and ordering vodka soda's made the slides even better! We made a few friends and joined them on the larger raft-rides. One was a Grandma of 73, whom I found very inspiring. She climbed flights of stairs repeatedly with ease and I had a moment of resonance: if I continue to eat well and workout, someday, I could be her, with my own grandchildren. Of course, I may still require the occasional cocktail! Again, we loaded up the Jeep and began the journey back home without issue. We enjoyed seeing the family and realize the older we get, the more precious the memories become.

In other news, we have taken MY Bahama Mama out of storage and she will be gracing the trails, dirt roads and streets of Lincoln County. You will hear it before you see it, but both are unforgettable! My. 1971. Ford. Bronco. Dream. Come. True.

From the Trails,

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  1. Happy that the you are all enjoying your beautiful weather and life. Wish we could have joined you for the Texas visit. Miss you all!