Monday, April 18, 2016

Dead Run Fun

Gavin at Ski Apache rocking his snowboard
We have been running and gunning full steam this late, ever-lasting, never-say-die, winter but all is well at Casa de Collins. We are still getting snow on the mountain but given all the fires we have had, so early in the season, the snow and rain beat the alternative! We nearly lost our high school due to an arson-caused fire and lived on pins and needles for several days as this individual continued to light more fires during 55-70 mph wind. We are anxious for summer but need the moisture, so complaining isn't acceptable. And, no, the person has not yet been caught. ./

Gavin started his very first baseball season and is totally thriving! We have either practice or games four and sometimes five nights each week, so dinner time has become a thing of the past for NOW! He pitched his first game and struck five batters out! He has one hell of a side arm and I think it makes the pitches difficult to see coming over the plate. I am not sure who was more excited, Eric or Gavin! Ice cream to celebrate and off to bed for another day of school! Our last day is 26 May!

After making Gavin's academics our top priority for the past five years, we feel he is well-equipped with all his fundamentals and can now place more time upon his desire to become a jock. He will be old enough for track this fall and finally will have the opportunity to put his speed to the test. We always knew the day would come when he needed more than his little school could provide, and alas, it has arrived. So, we anticipate big changes next fall once we make a final decision on where he will be going. Life is all about change and we are excited about all this new experience will bring to him and the family at large. Eric and I are both busy working in between games, managing Cub Scouts and piano lessons. All three of us are taking care to exercise and I think we would be languishing without the endorphin boost and green smoothies!

Eric and Gavin have taken on a great deal more domestic responsibilities of late, as I am now working in the evenings.  I have my normal daytime clientele and am now coaching a Strength and Conditioning Camp three nights a week for the next eight weeks. Both have been a huge help, Eric shuttling and feeding Gavin and Gavin himself managing the animal husbandry tasks. I honestly do not know how single parents do all this...God Bless 'Em!

We hosted the annual Pinewood Derby and all the Cubs and their relatives seemed to have a great deal of fun. Gavin placed in the top three for his fourth year in a row and Eric built the fastest car he has ever raced for the Open Division. Our Pack hosts this event and it is no small under-taking. I am grateful for Eric's ability to run the racetrack software and the parents who arrive at the butt crack of dawn to decorate, set up chairs and provide snacks! I found the event filled me with all sorts of emotions as this was likely Gavin's final Derby Race before moving up to the Troop in 2017.

Well, I am burning daylight, and need to sign off!

Love to All,


  1. Would love to watch Gavin play baseball - looks like a natural. Lots of changes for the future, but that is life. Know you all will make the right choices! Love Carla

  2. You know you neglected to include that you are helping train 6 boys from BSA Troop 59 for Philmont and without you two I would be lost! Someday we will slow down....maybe when we hit 60 or 70 but I would not trade a day for the days I have had with the kids and watching them grow. You training the boys has spurred me to change myself and I credit you for a good bit of that too! HUGS Collins family!