Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Circus Du Collins

March and April were slated, on our personal calendars, and appeared manageable at first glance; then we received the calendar from school and it was all over, like the fat lady singing. Field trips, Gavin's Teachers Retirement, Science Projects, Fundraisers and Robotics all marched through our spring calendar like a heard of wildebeest. The dust flew. We looked a bit stampeded for a time but recovered nicely. School ended last week and we are all taking a long, deep breathe as we await the warmer days of summer with fewer calendars, fewer obligations and the passing of the herds. 
We hit Tuscon for Spring Break and are most definitely headed back! Our trip was filled with mountain bikes, long canyon runs and even a few dips in the creek with a turtle. We stayed at an upscale condo and swam in a heated pool by day and hot tub by night. Nevin, the dog-cat traveled with us and spent most of the six hours each way on Eric's lap. The condo had an enclosed patio/cat room so Nevin thought he had died and gone to heaven. We were stunned at the greenery of the topography and the amount of water coming from Mt. Lemmon. Who would have thought Tucson would be so lush and green? Our condo shared boundaries with the National Forest and a very upscale golf course. Needless to say, we were in no hurry to get home! If you are into the outdoors, I can't say enough about Sabino Canyon. Gavin and I spent an entire day in Sabino and could have easily spent another. 

A major item, Robots, were clearly not on said calendars. RoboWave was an aforementioned wildebeest, who came into our world in February after Gavin was nominated by his Teacher to participate as the ONLY second grader from his class. (We could not pass it up.) Eric began assisting the teams (there were 3) with the design, construction and programming of their Robot several weeks ago. Bit by bit, these kids, built a robot as did several hundred of them from around the GLOBE. Once we hit Albuquerque in May, where the kids would compete, we were awestruck and befuddled. The morning is complete, organized CHAOS and so DAMN fun! Hundreds of children, ages 3rd grade-12th had built robots and were now competing, filling three partial stories of the Convention Center with excitement and a once in a lifetime learning experience. Gavin's Team, Dragon, did very well, placing in the top 100 with a brand new robot in the Line/Ball competition. Depending upon the category and age, robots are required to conduct increasingly more difficult task, including seeking out heat and extinguishing fire! I wish, oh how I wish, my parents had been there on this very day, this very event. Precious time for sure and they would have loved every crazy second.

We had planned to get the camper ramped up and despite all the other events happening, we DID! After chasing the chipmunks out who had huddled in there to snack during the winter, we bleached, re-stocked and headed to Elephant Butte for a weekend. With Grandma Chris' kayaks in hand and a buddy, Gavin was set for two days of sun, water and sand. 

We stayed on the beach, sleeping very little due to the idiots next door to us, but had two warm, beautiful weather days to enjoy. Plus, a Campfire-a rare thing these days in New Mexico. 

Other Tid-Bits and Updates for you Gluttons:

Easter was celebrated this year at our home with 25 adults and more than 12 kids who enjoyed a fun-filled brunch with a Country Egg hunt on our acreage. The kids were a hoot and loved the money-filled prize eggs (a Warren tradition.)

I completed my math and physics volunteering at school with Building Big's team bridge competition. Gavin's class built bridges with straws, tape and stickpins, learning about tension, compression and teamwork. I really needed my Dad a time or two!

Both of us are busy with work. YEAH! I am nearly booked for the summer and FEMA via Eric's work has been good to us in 2014. The timing could not be better as the local real estate market is slower than a snail. No bites on our house, but someday...

We decided to go forward with our chlorine free hot tub. The slab will be poured next week. WHOOOO! If and when the house sells, it is easily moved. 

Cheers to all!

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  1. Looks like we missed some wonderful times. Loved all of the pictures and looking forward to seeing more fun stuff this summer. Wish we were there!