Monday, June 23, 2014

Gavin's Own Kin-ship

Frequently, we quip, "they are just like family" but explaining this concept more literally to a child is a bit of a task, requiring some consideration on my part. 

Gavin gave me this opportunity before he stayed with Joe and Leah in Albuquerque for an ENTIRE week. (The first trip away from home of this length of time), with people I have known for decades. 

Gavin's questions prior to his departure traversed this path: If you are not related by blood, but have all the qualities and often more, than you share with "family", what are you forming? A kin-ship. Reaching beyond the boundaries of blood lies a relationship where we are intimately connected. I have known a kin-ship with these fine souls, since I was very young. Gavin appreciated it, vicariously through both Eric and myself. In a matter of days spent with Joe and Leah, this all changed.   

Upon return, he talked of little else, ironing out the fine details of every journey, walk, swim, movie and discussion they had shared. Leah, really hit it out of the park with her recommendations of an architecture camp at Explora: 3D Dimensions of Design. The kids learned about architecture, built models, used dimensions and tested various building materials for strength over several session days. Gavin's passionate about architecture so of course, this was a HUGE hit! Additional fun came from the day to day, such as choosing the home (movie) each night to be watched (maybe painfully):). His first taste of sushi at Sushiya has similarly received multiple accolades. Obviously, I was incredibly happy for his "present tense" experience. The weeks spent on their part of planning were with great consideration and care, choosing activities they knew were special to Gavin. He understood this fact and took notice of how their days were dedicated to fun with him. But, at the end of the day, and in retrospect, my lasting joy for him lies in knowing he has formed his own kin-ship with these two. Beyond the boundaries of my own, unencumbered by me, a new Genesis for them. 
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 noun \ˈkin-ˌship\
: the state of being related to the people in your family
: a feeling of being close or connected to other people

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  1. It is all just a big wonderful family that we have formed over the years!