Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Scoot Scuttle

Carla Swinging at Rainmakers
Tour of Billy The Kid in Lincoln
Alas, we have been anxiously anticipating their arrival since they landed in Washington in January, following a very long journey from their boat in Fiji. 

Cedar Creek hike with Gavin

Gavin's anticipation for their arrival had reached epic proportions and he intended to get as much time with them as possible. The Scoots/Scott's took him hiking, played endless games with him and to my sheer pleasure, provided him with shuttle service to all of his activities. We enjoyed all the maid and culinary services they provided, incredible stories of their travels and just the constant chuckling their company always provides. We spent hours talking, attempting to wedge a year of all our lives into ten days. 

The Scott's carefully orchestrated United States road trip was impressive enough to rival any governmental mission, involving visiting dozens of friends and family across the Pacific Northwest and Southwest, via an old beater of a sedan they purchased for just this occasion. When logistics finally brought them to Ruidoso for ten days we enjoyed every fleeting second.

Scott's Presentation to Gavin's class
Gavin's class particular enjoyed the presentation they prepared of exotic birds, traditional Polynesian dancing and their home-a boat-which baffled them all. We had one nose-picker and one who refused to raise his hand (Gavin) from sheer excitement. The kids were really thrilled to know they lived on a boat!

Golf, casino, and a special tour of a collection of more than 100 antique cars rounded out their time with us. We hated to see them go, realizing we may not see them for quite sometime and vowing to get to Fiji next year while they are still residents. Love you!

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  1. We had a wonderful time with the Collins - miss them so much! Thanks for showing us such a great time. Hugs to everyone!