Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We Get Around...

Ethen and I back-packing the Eagle Caps
geographically speaking! My trip to Oregon was incredible, filled with adventure and the chance to revisit my old stomping grounds, dear friends and family who spoiled me rotten. Eric and Gavin's adventures in Canada were equally exciting and full of laughter as they spent an entire two weeks with literally dozens of Cousins, plus GG, Great-Grandmother, who is still cruising right along at age 97! Rather than write a journal of all things done, seen and experienced we have chosen to issue the following highlights for your enjoyment.

Oregon Ala Ness
  • Getting less than 30 yards from a bear who was intently grazing on wild raspberries (it is berry season in Oregon and Washington.)
  • Watching Ethen's face when he saw the bear...priceless.
  • 2 a.m. hunt for my headlamp in our tent to find out what the hell was sniffing my hair...believe it was another bear.
  • Traditional Swedish Dance.
  • Watching Ethen hang his first bear-bag, at my request, after we had shared a few nips from his flask...hilarious.
  • Four Generations!
  • Consuming fresh salmon, oysters, micro brew and berries around the clock.
  • Going tinkle at dusk and realizing the mosquito's would attack the only flesh on my body not covered in DEET! Quickest pottie break of my life!

  • Eric and the Minions who make camp happen.
  • The beauty and solitude of this Wilderness area was a winning combo I have not found in Glacier or Yellowstone, particularly during the busy summer months. You GOTTA go! 
Canada Ala Eric
  • Golfing with my Cousin Scott and barley being able to swing my club at the 18th hole! Nice Balls Scott! 
  • Using a skidster to remove bras from the camp flagpole.
  • As unofficial camp photographer taking more than 1500 of pictures for the Vasa Camp Slide show.
  • My amazement in my 97 year-old Grandmother: still crushing us at card games, telling incredible stories and physically fit!
  • Ben, Gavin and Alec.

*Visiting with my Uncle Jim and being in awe of his courage and humor in the face of cancer while realizing how very much I have missed him. You'll beat it Jim!


  1. I love the pictures what great fun had by all thanks for sharing Mom

  2. Wonderful pictures. Glad everyone is enjoying the summer. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Miss you guys!