Sunday, September 22, 2013

Chaco, Camping & Commerce!

Me, in a very narrow crevice on a long hike above the Canyon floor.
Leah, ready to roll!
Summer has been ONE HUGE ADVENTURE filled with travel, camping and friends. My recent exploration took me to Chaco Canyon with a friend of nearly 20-years, Leah (below). A Chaco Veteran and Master Naturalist, in training, she was the perfect Guide. Chaco is in the middle of nowhere near Cuba so we pitched our tents, set up a rain canopy, the camp stove and disc then enjoyed living in the Canyon for three nights and four days. If you are interested in ancient pueblo civilizations you must visit this astonishing place. Peaceful, impeccably maintained and extraordinarily GREEN due to all the rain.

Jon, chill'n.
Kiva at Chaco

Other adventures this summer have included getting our moneys' worth from our Coyote Camper! We took it everywhere with friends and their kiddos! Our latest stint took us to Bluff Springs and Waterfall in Cloudcroft, which was gorgeous, and a rare sight in New Mexico.

Pratt and Gavin Goofing Off
Rainbow @ Bluff Springs

  • Both of our Corporations are BOOMING! I am receiving referrals nearly everyday and can barely keep up! Eric is set with regular cash flow from a two-year FEMA project designed to move the Villages' sewer lines from the Ruidoso River bed, where it currently resides.
  • Gavin is thriving at school with his streak of straight A's. He is really enjoying his piano lessons and Cub Scouts is keeping us all busier than one-armed jugglers. (Especially, me, the new, green, naive Cub Master!) 
  • Free time, when it occurs, is spent either running, mountain biking or in Eric's case, golfing.
  • Gavin and I placed in The Run for The Beach 5K and Eric was thrilled to finish. I set a personal record and my foot felt great! Next race? November in Las Cruces where Gavin will run another 5K and I will run the 10K.
    Ness 1st Place Womens/Gavin 3rd Place Kids
  • We are super busy this month with school fundraising, acting as Chairperson(s) for the Boy Scouts of America District Float and prepping for the Annual Fort Stanton Camporee where we are both in roles! Wild.
  • We have been immensely healthy and grateful for all the work God keeps passing our way. 


  1. Love it ! great pics ! Makes me excited for next summer and more adventure.

  2. Oh, love seeing your smiling faces - you all look wonderful. Glad to hear that all is well and that you are having such a busy, prosperous year. Just don't work too hard. See you this winter - can't wait!