Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Trails, Tails & Training

Until now, the men in the house have never ventured onto the trails, I frequent. Alas, Gavin is old enough now to hang with the crew (for a few miles) and Eric finally parted with his more than 20 year-old Specialized mountain bike in exchange for a brand new Giant. Both guys are working on their endurance and I am enjoying playing trail guide. Since we are surrounded by trails it is fun, healthy entertainment. 

My training business was officially launched this month including professional photos, corporate filing with the State, waivers, a logo, blog site, client packets and more training for me. (http://fitfigures.blogspot.com/) I have just begun marketing but believe most if not all, of my clients will come from word of mouth. Each day I wake up at 5:15 a.m. and take care of breakfast before heading out to clients homes with customized workouts. Clients are very pleased and I am enjoying every single minute of it. Since this is my sole job as of June, I plan to build a good, repeatable customer base and get CrossFit Coach certified by year-end. (Course designed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy). Such fun and I get paid! WHOOO! Eric has had an above average year but it could always be a little busier (and more stressful) or so he says!

Grandma Collins' was up for a brief visit and Eric took this great shot of she and Gavin. The three of them are leaving for Alberta shortly to see extended family. I am headed to Oregon for some wilderness time, hoping to see some of my family, backpack and mountain bike while also squeezing in a training class for myself. Old Gordie will be with the pet sitter for much of July but he is happy and doing well despite his age! I am not sure who has more arthritis, the dog or Eric! NSAIDS anyone?

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