Sunday, November 27, 2011

Frenzied, Freak'n & Freez'n

Alas, I am taking a minute to finally update our blog: I have been GOOFING off a great deal. So, here are a flurry of pictures from our Fall, 2011 adventures: The frenzy of DisneyWorld & The Disney Cruise, the Collins' Sleepy Hollow Halloween bash and last but not least the finale of White Trash Camping with friends. Here are the most humorous highlights from each.

1) Ness screaming and sprinkling slightly as the family dove down Splash Mountain.

2) Eric and I, in dress clothes, nibbling on pretzels, gingerale and Dramamine, Disney Magic, Deck 4, under the glow of life-boats and drizzling salt water. Romance at its finest :)

3) Dancing @ the Pirate Ball on Deck 10 with Mickey flying overhead on a zipline.

4) St. Maarten, French side, large brown naked man, I dubbed the walrus. Our snorkeling guide said, and I quote " butt naked, don't mean attractive."
5) Meeting an engaged couple, Scott and Donna, and signing their wedding certificate as witness' following their cermony on Castaway Cay. Awesome.

6) The laughter brought on by Eric and his Baywatch inspired costume during our Halloween party. His costume is not for public consumption but check out our festive friends. Everyone looked great!

7) Observing frost on the INTERIOR of our camper, privy contents that had frozen into a solid mass of waste, and the passing tinge of guilt for not telling our friend the battery/heater was dead before nightfall. :) Felt like the Griswalds'.

8) Watching two guys effortlessly smash down the busted trailer. By the grace of God, may we never have to use that device again.

9) Watching the castle in Magic Kingdom from a vertical adventure ride during the Parks nightly fireworks. Gorgeous.

10) Running & staggering 12 miles up Sierra Blanca Mountain, 2600' elevation gain, with friends to complete my first Ski Run Road Challenge. Lately, I have felt like Forest Gump. Lovin' it.

Thanks to our friends for joining us for Halloween, GodMother for cruising with us and the Flusche's for making Thanksgiving a feast to remember!* Check out more pics on our slideshows by clicking on them to launch the slideshow.

Happy Holidays to all,


  1. You guys are having way too much fun - wish we were there to join in on the festivities. Soon - see you in Texas. Congrats on running up that big fricking mountain!

  2. Wow.. what happened to the poor tent trailer? It has never been a top of the line ritzy type of camper.. but it was in really good shape last time we used it.. :(