Tuesday, November 10, 2015

One-Armed Juggling


You are reading our first family blog post since August. IT'S BEEN WILD IN THESE PARTS!

We are currently in the peak of our volunteer season, October through December, turning good deeds, where our talents allow: school enrichment activities, Cub Scouts and Santa's Helpers. Plus, we listed our house on the real estate market and began the huge task of down-sizing all of our personal belongings. Our goal is to move into a casa half of the size we currently reside in and travel more! Ponder this...donating or selling HALF of all your trinkets. It's kept us very busy but the simplicity of a new chapter has kept us energized. However, I could die happy if I never have to host a second yard sale as long as I live! UGH.
Cub Pack trip to Graves Farms

Cub Pack hayride
Our late summer and fall has been filled with activities, the epitome of one-arm juggling. We normally wedge in some downtime, but not this season. We have either been traveling or super busy and home very little. 
Ready for two parties plus trick or treating!
Eric laughing with and at my siblings over an oak barrel of Sarah..

At the end of my day (which probably started at 5:30 a.m.) I am grateful without a doubt, that we are healthy and have plenty of energy to keep up with it all. 

5K, Gavin took 2nd place in 18 and under!
Gavin playing in the vineyard.
Gavin is enjoying a very, very small class of six kids, and adapting to a new teacher, while continuing his straight A streak. His piano practice and drawing mature each week and we cannot believe he will be a tween in a few weeks. The little boy we knew, is gone, and the big kid is hard-working and empathetic. Eric continues to roll along at work. Too much to do, always, but making it work, nonetheless. My job continues to be very steady with regulars and new clients as my time allows. I thoroughly enjoy helping others feel better about who they are in this life. 
Becky, getting a back workout!

September found me out of state and slightly out of my mind. I traveled solo to Tennessee to get our new collie, Smokey. Of course, I had to see Nashville so I jammed in an incredible amount of fun, in under 24 hours, including the Grand Ole Opry, a lovely river run, lodging at the Grand Ole Opry Gaylord Resort, which I might add, has an amazing architecturally functional atrium. Then, Smokey and I had three long days, in the car.

New Collie Boy, Smokey
He was a gem, riding in the elevators, moving from one hotel to the next and sleeping in his crate for entire days while I traversed parts of five states. Special thanks to Nancy Lawrence of Windkist Collies for both our collie boys. Smokey and our mellow Bandit are complete opposites and get along perfectly.
My Sister  and my Dad helping us press and crush.

My Parents on their 60th anniversary!

I made it home for twelve days and then the whole fam-damily headed to Washington for a crazy, laughter-packed trip to my Brothers for a family reunion and celebration of my parents 60th wedding anniversary. We crammed in an anniversary party, birthday celebration and the bottling of more than 6000 bottles of wine (ourselves) along with a full day at the Pendleton Roundup. Sleep was not on the agenda, my Sister had posted in the kitchen, but we knew we could find that once we got HOME! My family is so much damn fun, we really don't need much entertainment!


  1. You have been busy, but on the good side of busy. Loved the Halloween costumes!