Tuesday, May 1, 2012

She'd Been Everywhere; Esa B. 1997-2012

Five Lakes Basin, NorCal, Circa 2000
After one month of Esa's absence I am finally able to write this post. During these days I have concluded the following; our lives will never be the same, I am a better person for having had her as a companion for nearly 15 years, the knot in my chest is there for a worthwhile reason, and dogs do not make our lives, but loving them truly brings a depth of uncondionality humans are incapable of generating. 

Esa went wherever I went, without hesitation, to work, on every run, through mountain ranges of snow and ice and across many rivers. She really had been everywhere. Here are the highlights;
South Baldy, Magdalena's, New Mexico, Circa 2004

  • Adopted from a Humane Society event in Albuquerque, she was clearly the most unhealthy animal available at present; she was also the most intelligent and alert. I fell in love with her because she had an air of "what you see is what you get, take it or leave it," which I could relate to and admire.
  • Six moves, two across multiple state lines, cruising in my Blazer and crashing in hotels.

Day 1 of Her Arrival, Albuquerque, 1997
  • She and I hiked and/or backpacked more than 12 mountain chains.
  • At the very least, we ran more than 2400 miles together.
  • She reared Gordy and was a valiant protector of Gavins' for more than 6 years.  
    Shasta Lake, NorCal, Circa 2001
  • In pursuit of a squirrel, she could sprint so fast across a flat plane, her momentum would propel her body up a tree in excess of 5'.
  • A collie mix who spent years' teaching us agility training by retrieving and then guiding her ball back to us using her snout and fore-legs; Fetch was for a lesser being.
  • Esa never visited me in the shower, until 2 days before her passing. She was looking for comfort I could not give at present but would commit to giving two days later when she died on my lap in our living room. She knew I always kept my word.
    Red River, New Mexico, 2011
     Thanks to God for bringing this little girl into my life. I pray I will always feel the presence of her shadow nearby.


  1. God Speed Esa ! Beautifully Anessa !

  2. Aww Ness, beautiful post! xxoo

  3. What a great testament to such a faithful companion! I think that dog and God are spell with the same letters because in His own way he created dog to love us unconditionally while we are on earth. Bless you!

  4. Hard to imagine visiting Casa de Collins and not seeing Esa run and jump around. She was a wonderful companion and will always be with you!