Sunday, July 31, 2011

White Trash Invades Red River & San Diego

We headed to Red River with a perfectly decent tent trailer. Then I had to make things interesting by neglecting to unlatch the hardtop. Thanks to a few foul words, beer and a 2x4 we were able to prop up the busted end and spend the weekend in the ghetto trailer you see before you. White Trash 100%. Eric, the innovator, rigged it for use and really enjoyed having the interior ceiling roughly 6 inches from his face. We laughed so hard, particularly when observers' passed by our remote site...whispering. Alas, all is well that ends well...more on this down the page. We had fresh trout for dinner following Gavin's dismay at my cleaning of the catch.

The remainder of the weekend was a total blast with the catching of fresh brook trout caught not only by my pole but by another Eric innovation; a butterfly net with a fishing knife fastened to the end. In my entire life, I have never seen someone so determined to catch a fish. Frustrated at all the trout we could see but not catch, Eric chose to spear fish! Oh my, what a sight. Between the screwed up camper, the ghetto spear fish apparatus and the two mangy dogs, we were the epitome of white trash.

Getting the trailer home (this is the more later part) was far more entertaining, requiring a hacksaw, which we gladly used, along the highway, at the dismay of the hacksaw and upscale RV Park Owner. He was scared, very scared, and happy to see us roll on home. Red River is lush, quiet and filled with hiking and fishing opps. We can also tell you where to find a hacksaw-should it be required. :)

Our second white trash invasion landed us in San Diego for 7 days of 4th of July fun in the sun, LegoLand, the San Diego Zoo and amazing local neighborhood food we found thanks to TripAdvisor. Oh my gosh. We saw the most enormous fireworks display involving three ships dispersed around Mission Bay for all to see. We laid on the beach and watched them go off in sequential order for nearly an hour. We porked on fish tacos, homemade Italian and lotza cold beverages. Gavin, the Fish, swam constantly. He can dive down to 5 ft and is swimming underwater like a pro. Alas, more time for us to sit on our !@# and relax while he met new friends each day. Eric's Surveying conference went well and the business was happy to provide this all expense paid adventure!

On other fronts, we have at least two more camping trips planned, thanks to the opening of the National Forest and the handy welding skills of a local mechanic who is fixing the tent trailer as I write! Big news...we have decided to move into town and ditch the endless trips back and forth each day. The house hit the market last week as did our mixed emotions; we love the peace here and we have a gorgeous house (that we built). Alas, it is to big for us to maintain and to far out of town for an active family. Wish us luck!