Sunday, June 12, 2011

Surprising Eric & Zipping With Gavin

Summer, thus far, has been a blast! Look at these pictures and they tell the story of a wildly successful 40Th Surprise Party for Eric-yep, he was totally shocked and cried like a baby. (The older photos' were part and parcel of a hilarious slide show focusing upon Eric's mullet affliction!We had 35 adults, 15 kids, 3 babysitters and a very busy bar and D.J. People came from all over the Southwest and it felt like a big reunion. Although we had not seen many of them for quite sometime, we really had not missed a beat with one another (until the karaoke started!) What a wild and entertaining evening. The kids jumped & slided themselves to exhaustion, we sang some old 80's tunes and laughed until we hit the bars at 10:00 to close. (Good thing, 'cause we almost had a rustle between some brothers' and bull riders-they would have kicked our ass!) Festivities continued through Sunday with the pool, golf and trip to the local park. We were wiped out by Sunday night and yet, wanting to do it all again! Our friends made this event spectacular by personality and we are so grateful they traveled, sang and celebrated this occasion with us. Who knew that our local chiropractor could sing Vanilla Ice like a pro? And, Eric, he really pulled out all the stops with his rendition of Whip It...we have video as evidence.

Gavin and a very close pal spent the day with us at home, swimming, play room'n it and having a ball. Poor Gavin, he just follows her around like a little puppy-he is dumbstruck with Natasha's adorable face, incredible poise and brains.

We finished the school year with a field trip and family day to a local Fort-who knew there was so much to do, 30 minutes away? Obstacle course, zip line, rock wall climbing and swim/slide all placed in a huge enclosed Fort with cabins and Western ambiance. Gavin zipped three times, Eric twice and Mom-once. It was so much fun we all just kept clamoring for more.