Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finding Our Ass

Finally, a new blog post, following more than two months of utter chaos at our place! We are just now finding our own ass as we recover from it being handed to us-repeatedly: 1) Six weeks of extreme pain on Eric's part to culminate in the emergency removal of the most disgusting gallbladder to date. (They actually kept photos for research purposes it was really ready to blow!)

Puzzle time with Papa!

2) Pink Eye-another memorable gift from Kindergarten. 3) The actual product launch of the MakH20Pak at a Las Vegas Trade Show 4) The finale-intestinal flu, another stellar gift from Kindergarten.

Candy-making just for Gavin hands!

In between all this, we ran away to Texas for Spring Break and had a total ball. My family spoils us rotten-I got to sleep in (a novelty) and take a break from the kitchen and kiddo duty while my Mom, Sister Becky and Husband Dave took care of everything else-We had so much fun! All of the following pics and video are from said trip. Thank you for all the special memories!

Mema, fixing a stuffed animal for Gavin, following and early Easter basket of goodies!

Uncle Dave working from home and then serenading a very hyper and thus blurry Gavin.

Dallas Zoo was awesome...
Our goal for Spring Break? At least, one new adventure everyday while in Plano-starting with the Warren family themselves. You can always count on killing something around the house-an insect or rodent, a good loud and late night of swapping odd family tales, too include trials and tribulations, fixing random broken items, plenty of homemade food, including Mema's butt busting desserts and Becky's liver fix of bar-tending magic. There you have a standard Warren retreat with all the upgrades!

More Dallas Zoo and the 200 Acre Nature Preserve and Massive Playground for picnic with Mema and Papa.

You need a wipe pipe (broadband) to download this video-go to Starbucks' if your home connection sucks. It's worth it and dedicated to my Sisters' who always tell me what I need to hear even if I don't want to hear it! Love you both!


  1. What a great job Love it all You and Gavin should be in "pictures" Mom

  2. Oh, loved the pictures of the family. Makes me so homesick!

    Glad that you had a great trip and hope that you guys are done with the bad jujus. You have had enough for sure.

    Wish I could see the video - very sweet of you. As soon as I get a good connection, I will watch it. Promise.

    Love you all, Carla and Doug