Friday, February 11, 2011

"Fargo" Returns

Fargo is a film about a small town chock-full of people who have been indoors for too long during yet another long Dakota winter; the townspeople get very agitated and begin to engage in very odd and often dangerous behavior. Ruidosoans' experienced a small taste of this over the last three weeks of sub-zero temps, broken pipes and water-problems yet unresolved. School was cancelled for an entire week, which meant kids were couped up inside, for FAR TOO LONG and parents' were looking for a place to run! After so many days indoors-with brief bouts of sledding, you run entirely out of things to do with a kid. So, as my friend said so eloquently, you resort to "rotting their brains on T.V." By Sunday evening, of a very longgggg week, we were joking about the wood-chipper scene and how we could relate! The coyotes contributed to the Fargo ambiance by hosting a deer-leg roast less than 10 yards from our front door-thank God our backyard is fenced! We subsequently took the leg to a Super Bowl party and threatened to BBQ it as our dish!

So, after we finished all the Valentines crafts and hosted our third stuffed-animal tea party-I told Gavin I would be leaving him at his Teachers' house if school was closed another day! The entire County has been under a state of emergency due to vacation homes with broken pipes leaking thousands of gallons per minute-unchecked. Restaurants, schools and other business' are still trying to get pipes and damage fixed and will continue for months-it was a great time to be a plumber! We were largely unscathed but our well pressure pump was froze solid and the gauge was toast. So, a full ten days with little water and plenty of dirty laundry didn't help the mood! I was even crabbier than usual! Our neighbors are a Godsend-working under our house for hours in the freezing cold and providing wine and showers as needed. Thank God-my hair felt like it had Crisco in it! As if there has not been enough turmoil in our house, Gavin and Eric continue to bring home and share germs. One is well, one is sick, one is well, one is sick. Poor Eric has been sick most of the winter as his immune system just ain't working. Like many of our friends we have just had an illin' winter. Knock on wood, it has all been minor but persistent as hell! On other fronts, as a distraction we repainted and redirected Gavin's entire room. Out with the construction theme and in with outer space. New paint, new wall border, new decorations and bedding and it looks awesome. Much of these items glow in the dark and the solar system above his bed has been a great way to teach his Mom about our Solar System-not my finer subject! He was ready for a big kid room and we love the outcome.

Gavin is growing up quickly; his interests are changing, his routine and overall maturity. We have noticed big changes in the last three months. He speaks of people who mean a great deal to him more often and with memory and he is excelling in all areas at school. Even the bull-ish behaviors have stopped-thank goodness!
My job will be heating up as we head into March so Gavin will be going to school for a full day, rather than half. After 5.3 years, we are both ready. I have been cutting back his nap gradually and he is adjusting well. He wants to return to gymnastics so that is on the radar for Spring. We are delaying team sports (t-ball and soccer) until we think he is mature enough to get the real concept-right now it is all about what he can get his body to do!

D.T. Collins has been really slow with foul weather and the recession continuing to bear down, year three. Eric is hanging tough as we realize this may continue for several more years'. Thankfully, real estate is picking up despite the downward spiral of construction itself. After thirteen months of being on the market he was offered cash for his Dad's old house and it is under contract to close at month end~ironically, just two weeks following the three-year-anniversary of his death. The house contract is a total blessing as nobody can seem to get financing these days and with cash we did not have to go through all the machinations involved with a bank deal. Eric negotiated to have the buyers' clean out the rest of the house and we are just responsible for removing what we want...a boat, a tracker, some personal items. Another weekend of cleaning out over there and he is finally done. A very emotional-tumultuous time for him but after three years of taking care of the house we are anxious to move past the responsibilities associated and focus upon one household. We hope the new family has many happy years' in this very well built house and that we do not experience any hiccups between now and closing!

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  1. Glad you are surviving life in Fargo and hope for a beautiful spring! Love the pictures of Gavin's new room - it turned out wonderful. Miss you!