Saturday, November 13, 2010

Scooby-Doo ala Collins

We enjoy Halloween almost as much as Christmas~maybe because we can act weird (which comes naturally) and we don't have to cook!
Dressing up, eating junk and asking strangers for food while in disguise, only comes once a YEAR! Before we had Gavin Halloween always involved an all night adult-only bash at my sisters house. Now we are just a bit more mellow but enjoying it just as much.

We hit the First Baptist Church-several thousand square feet of preschool-old school games, roasted corn, hot dogs and an endless supply of candy. As if this wasn't enough, it was FREEE! I love living in a small town.
After Gavin had burned off his initial sugar hit in the jump house, we met friends and went trick or treating in an older neighborhood. No hill, houses close together and inhabited by people we largely already 0730 the kids were coming off their second sugar hit and the runs from door to door became aimless meanderings.

We went as the Mystery Crew from Scooby Doo-Velma, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo. My Mom made Gavin's costume from scratch-no pattern exists due to copyright (will plan to keep that one for Gavin's kids.) He was so warm and authentic. The kids loved our costumes and knew right away who we were...the adults were a little slow!
On other fronts we are super busy as our volunteering gets ratchet up for the holiday season; Eric is really busy with Santa's Helpers and I with a Scrip Fundraising program at Gavin's school. We both love volunteering and the kids in our community deserve it. Eric's crew will deliver food and gifts too more than 400 families 700-800 kids. Gavin's school is raising money for another Student-Aide and setting some aside for a building fund (we are using the lower elevation of a very large and generous church at present.) In addition, Eric's work is truly busy. Finally, construction and land development are picking up after two years of hanging on...

We are leaving for Mazatlan in a few days to spend an entire week at a resort where Carla and Doug have their boat docked. We can't wait to lay in the sun, see some sights and get out of the 20 degree nights in Ruidoso. Their is a childcare service, plenty of nightlife and lots to do so we can't wait; thanks to the Warren's for helping with the timeshare! More from me when we get back from Mexico!